Year 9 Enterprise Day

On Friday the 19th April, we visited the King Edward’s School in Edgbaston for an event called Enterprise Day. On arrival, along with 13 other King Edward schools, we made our way to their auditorium where an entrepreneur talked about his journey of his role where he started off with a degree in Mechanical Engineering all the way to creating his successful business called Posted Pigeon. The entrepreneur explained key parts of creating a successful business and gave us lots of vital pieces of advice. We then had the chance to ask some questions to gain further insight and learn about his journey.  After the Q&A, we were taken to the dining hall where we had a refreshments break. From there, we were split into groups of 2, and paired up with other schools to form a group of 6. A group from outside of the school came in to talk to us and set us on a mission to design a product that would be pitched to three judges, in the form of a Dragon’s Den. We learned the key parts of the manufacturing of a product, such as financing and production, along with key skills such as teamwork. There was a total of 12 teams and they were all split up into 3 different rooms to pitch their product to their designated Dragons. The product that attracted the Dragon’s the most were put forward into the Grand Finale, and this was where 3 groups would pitch their product in front of all of the judges and share their presentation.  It was an incredible day and it involved teamwork, hard work and it was very engaging.

Balraj Nijjar 9G