Sixth Form

Careers Guidance – Year 12

There is a wide variety of careers education and guidance.
Presentations to the whole year group on specific occasions, namely:

  • at the start of the academic year, in order to set the scene;
  • approaching the middle of the year, to talk about open days;
  • towards the end of the academic year, to give guidance on the UCAS scheme.

Presentations in Year 12 assemblies to inform the students on such items as courses, open days, access to funds to support post-16 students, gap year opportunities, sponsorships and employment possibilities.

Presentations to form tutor groups made during registration periods to follow up announcements given in assemblies and to explain in detail aspects of careers guidance.
Small group discussions held at various stages during Year 12 with students having common interests are held. These generally include gap year, scholarships, links with specific companies and organisations, requirements for specific courses and work experience needs. This has been extended to provide additional guidance to external entrants at Year 12.

One-to-one discussions ranging from the very brief response, to the in-depth discussion with written report.

Opportunities for students to obtain information are provided through the:

  • provision of a careers library;
  • provision of internet based resources;
  • organisation of open day visits;
  • provision of external speakers in response to demand;
  • support for work experience placements;
  • support for ‘taster courses’.

Students are given extensive ongoing support and guidance throughout the year, building on that provided in previous years. Also, it is obligatory for any student contemplating a change of course to discuss the matter to make sure that the student is aware of the possible consequences.