The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

Founded in 1660, the prestigious “Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge”, is the oldest such institute in the world; as such, it is easy to understand why we were all so eager to visit and partake in the Summer Science Exhibition, which is held annually and is made up of 22 exhibits showing the latest pioneering innovations in the world of British Science and Technology. Whilst I myself do not study Science, I was thoroughly interested by all of the displays and activities that were on offer; I was particularly awe-struck by the University of East Anglia’s presentation on Ants and their naturally occurring antibiotics, I found that it was especially informative and pertinent in regards to global attempts to fight anti-biotic resistance.

Indeed, the other exhibits were equally fascinating, as they showed the ways in which scientific and technological discoveries are being used in order to facilitate easy living, the Animal-Computer Interaction Lab’s exhibit on Guide Dog Technology was especially overwhelming, as it used colour altering lenses and ‘paws’ in order to highlight the problems faced by assistance dogs on a daily basis- and then showcased some of the simple, yet incredibly helpful alterations which can help to overcome these problems.

Whilst it is now unfortunately too late to visit the exhibition, I would urge you to follow the link to learn more about the incredibly original and helpful innovations that are being made by scientists across the country: