Mrs. M. Aboutorabi – Acting Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs. A. Fiess, – Head of German
Mrs. R. Minhas – Teacher of French and German
Miss. A. Blochard – Teacher of French and German
Mrs J Mahé – French Assistante


Learning a new language teaches pupils how people live in other cultures and countries and gives insights into our own multi-cultural society. As new technology brings people closer together across the globe, studying languages becomes ever more important in preparing pupils for living and working in the 21st century.

Through our syllabuses and schemes of work we provide material and a learning environment, which prepares all pupils for a future world and adult life in a multi-racial, interdependent world.
We aim to:

  • Develop the ability to understand and use the chosen foreign language effectively for the purposes of practical communication.
  • Develop the ability to use the chosen language both imaginatively and creatively and to understand the language used both imaginatively and creatively.
  • Develop an understanding of the grammar of the chosen language.
  • Offer insights into the culture and civilisation of the countries and communities that speak the chosen language.
  • Encourage positive attitudes to foreign language learning and to speakers of foreign languages and a positive approach to other cultures and civilisations.
  • Develop students’ understanding of themselves and their own culture.
  • Provide enjoyment and intellectual stimulation.
  • Form a sound base of skills, language and attitude required for further study, work and leisure.
  • Promote skills, which have a wider application such as information technology, and learning skills (e.g. analysis, memorising, drawing inference).


  • All Year 7 and 8 pupils study both French and German – 2 lessons of each per week
  • In Year 9 most pupils study either French or German – 4 lessons of either per week. Some linguistically able pupils study both languages, potentially leading to two GCSE MFL qualifications.(2 lessons of French and 2 lessons of German)
  • The choice of language(s) is made as a result of assessment in Year 8 and advice from the language teachers.
  • In Years 7, 8 and 9 in French pupils use the Studio Rouge package, and in German Stimmt is followed, with online resource packages for both.

Key stage 4

  • French or/and German is/are studied: students continue with the language(s) studied in Year 9. A small number of students do not study a language for GCSE.
  • The course used is the Nelson Thornes GCSE for AQA and its online resources.

Key stage 5

  • At 16+ the school offers AS and A2 examinations provided by AQA in French and German. Some students may decide not to continue with the language into Year 13, but obviously we would hope to encourage them to carry on and do the A2 examination.
  • Resources used include the Nelson Thornes AS and A2 coursebook and its online resources, as well as resources from the World Wide Web