Senior Prefects

Senior Prefects – Statements

“As the Senior Prefect team, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our school. We are very excited to inform you of the new developments and changes taking place here at Handsworth Grammar School. The Sixth Form has a brand new, state of the art building built to facilitate more hard working and intelligent students like yourself. Together with your ideas and suggestions this exciting new space will provide you with the opportunity to develop yourself as well as study for those crucial exams.”

Josef Feiven – Head Boy

Head Boy - Josef FeivenEver since joining HGS in year 7 I have always been welcomed and challenged to achieve my full potential. These last 6 years at Handsworth Grammar School have shaped me into who I am as a person today. This is down to the dedication of the staff here who do everything they can to ensure you succeed. During my time here I have been fortunate to receive the highest quality of education from a school which prides itself in its academic results and its history, as the oldest grammar school in Birmingham. My appointment as Head Boy is therefore a great privilege and an opportunity for me to make a difference in a school which has done so much for me.

Throughout my time at Handsworth Grammar I have seen the many changes that have transformed our facilities. Our new £1.6 million Sixth Form Centre has provided students with some of the best facilities in the city to ensure that they achieve their very best in their A Levels. The new Astroturf pitches and Table Tennis Tables provide a place to stay healthy and to unwind after a long day, which is just as vitally important as studying.

My advice to you is don’t just focus on your studies, focus on the wide range of extra-curricular activities which are equally as important. Because after all they will make you into who you will be.

Felicia Akanbi – Head Girl

Head Girl - Felicia Akanbi

It is an honour to be appointed as the Head Girl of Handsworth Grammar School. I understand that this role comes with great responsibilities, however, I’m very grateful that I can conclude my final year at Handsworth Grammar school with such a high, prestigious profile.

Over the past year, I have come to understand how much of a great importance being in a school that supports you as well as challenges you is. With this being said, Handsworth Grammar School provides you all the support you need as well as excellent facilities and, most importantly, provides a foundation for which young people can evolve into wise individuals with high morals and strong ethics.

Furthermore, the standard required from students at the Sixth Form is very high as we are the school ambassadors and are essentially required to show the younger pupils how they should conduct themselves around school. Moreover, as a Sixth Former you learn to be independent and hardworking. This is vital considering how much more challenging A-levels are becoming. With the full support given by teachers here, what could have been a challenging year of A-levels is a less stressful year.

A word of advice, from me to you, would be to make sure you perform every task to your full potential, from homework to helping out around the school. Make sure you always get involved and you’ll have a great year at Handsworth Grammar School.

Tukeer Hussain – Deputy Head Boy

Deputy Head Boy - Tukeer Hussain

As Deputy Head Boy it is my duty to continue the legacy set out by my predecessors, their hard work will live on through me and the same shall be said for those who take up the mantle after. Unbeknownst to many of you I seldom have little to say about anything, however, I am quite lost for words when it comes to describing my school. Strong, committed and well-mannered are a few of the many characteristics I have developed through my time at Handsworth Grammar School. As I am slowly approaching the end of my final year a sense of nostalgia has befallen me. I reminisce of simpler times where the biggest worry in the day was whether or not I joined the ‘hot food’ or ‘salad bar’ queue at lunch. Now after six years of secondary education; extra-curricular successes in ‘Envision’ and a Grade 8 LAMDA qualification in Public Speaking — I understand the value of a well-rounded education.

This school has not only provided me with the basics of excellent GCSEs and, hopefully, fantastic A-Levels but it has also given me a varied and seemingly endless list of experiences that have shaped the man I am today. No amount of superlatives can really do justice to HGS, although there is probably one analogy that I like to use to describe it. Throughout the many years I have been in HGS the physical building has changed: but not in the way one might think. Rather than knocking down and rebuilding from the rubble, our school chose to build around its old, almost gothic, Victorian Hall, and enhance itself with a state of the Art Sixth Form Centre, Food Tech kitchen, Astro turf, Sky Lab and Learning Hub.

It is this notion of building around one’s strong-set core, revitalising it with new contemporary ideas and knowledge, that perfectly epitomises HGS. One enters in Year 7 or 12 as an able and open-minded individual, and leaves with many new layers and ambitions ready to face the world. Moreover, I am sure if the old archaic walls of the Main Hall could talk they would tell very similar tales. Students filing in and out over the decades merging into a common blur, an ordinary mass, with extraordinary stories of success. In many ways they do speak with the gold emblazoned names of former students bestowed the highest honours and reaching their own respective pinnacles. Not to sound too cliché but after my time spent at HGS I do feel that the our motto describes the feeling many students will be faced upon departure and in the future: “Haec olim meminisse juvabit.” We will remember these days in fondness.

Anisa Farooq – Deputy Head Girl

Deputy Head Girl - Anisa Farooq

Deputy Head girl is a great opportunity and responsibility; one I accept whole heartedly. I see this position as a central part of the school’s foundation, customs, and effective communication between students, teachers and the local residents.

I would like to use this opportunity to show my gratitude towards the pupils and the staff in this school, since Handsworth Grammar School has helped me become a more refined person; not purely knowledge-based, but life-related as well. Moreover, the school has inspired and motivated me to always try my utmost, and work towards the things I want to achieve. For these reasons, I would like to return the favour, and support the school in becoming more recognised for the great things it achieves.

Being a student here is a stimulating journey, with problems to solve, lessons to learn but most of all experiences to enjoy. Whether you are in the lower school or the sixth form; the prefect team are determined to motivate you to put your best foot forward academically but to also encourage you to participate in maintaining and enhancing the culture of Handsworth Grammar School.

Seth Griffiths – Chair of School Council

Chair of School Council - Seth Griffiths

I was extremely pleased with being appointed as the Chair of School Council, as it allows me to gain a valuable insight into the challenges and successes of pupils from all ages and backgrounds. It’s so exciting seeing the school constantly evolve and improve for the benefit of the children, and hopefully I can contribute to this through my position. Having attended Handsworth Grammar School since year 7, I have experienced the same circumstances as the younger pupils, meaning I have the ability to be compassionate and understanding towards people, motivating me to be dedicated and make a positive change.

Handsworth Grammar is a wonderful school with a very real community spirit. Consequently, all who enter feel welcome and encompassed by it’s friendly atmosphere. My time in the Sixth Form has involved lots of hard work, but has never ceased to be enjoyable. Being surrounded by likeminded people, with high ambitions and a solid work ethic, is a blessing to a young student with academic goals.

To conclude I will offer some advice to any prospective students of Handsworth Grammar. Any work you do, even if it seems insignificant at the time, will prove to be beneficial in the future. So apply yourself to all aspects of life, and develop good working habits. Remember to grasp every opportunity that arises!