b'REMEMBRANCE ASSEMBLYWe were able to hold the Assembly with social distancing so that Year 7 attended in person whilst the remainder of school had an extended Form time, and we all observed a two-minute silence at the same time. The Reverend Dr Bob Stephen who is Chair of the Governing Body and Rector of Handsworth led the act of Remembrance.The Headmaster delivered a very timely and thought-provoking introduction which highlighted the necessity to work towards peace in all we do. He highlighted that important facets of life such as showing respect and tolerance of each other, being kind and compassionate and celebrating our differences are all highly significant steps on the road to peace. He emphasised the need for the values of peace, freedom and hope in all we do as well as focusing upon the themes of unity and compassion.STAINED GLASSThe 160th anniversary of our school is approaching and to celebrate this a stained-glass window will be erected in Big School to commemorate our past, inform our present, and anticipate a bright future for our school.The window is in the shape of a flower to represent how young minds flourish and blossom like flowers. The window changes from colder colours like blue and purple to warmer colours like reds and oranges and has been divided into various segments to represent the diversity of race and our mixed sixth form. The glass also strives to reverse stereotypes by incorporating a female doctor and a male nurse. Another pivotal part of the design is a segment showcasing the silhouette of Birmingham as the school is an integral part of the history of Birmingham. An underlying WW1 and WW2 theme will also be present in the glass, to remember the sacrifice of the brave old boys and teachers who fought in the wars, and those who lost their lives.Happy 160th anniversary to our school!Solomon Rotimi and Wasim Akhtar 9A14'