b'QUIZ MASTERSYear 9 Physics BIG QUIZ 2022On 4th February, 12 Year 9 students had a fantasticam I?our team did well on this round.day out participating in an annual physics quizI think it is safe to say that the following round was which was hosted by the prestigious Universitya complete disaster for not only our team but all the of Birmingham in their most prized buildingtheother schools participating as it asked about the Great Hall. The university also organised a campusnames of famous scientistsWho am I? However, tour which enabled us to appreciate the universitysRound 5 focused on materials and particles in wonderful site and academic life. We offer a hugewhich our team performed much better. The quiz thank you to the university and the organiser,concluded with the specialist round on astrophysics, Mohammed Ansar, who made this event possible. which students were advised to research and Several schools took part in this competition andprepare for beforehand.some of the notable ones other than our schoolThe results were then announced and it is with great included Camp Hill Grammar School for Boysdelight I can say that our group (Team B) came along with other schools that are part of the Kingsecond, with Camp Hill Boys (Team A), the reigning Edward Foundation. This meant that there waschampions, coming first place once again. I would fierce competition between schools and a tenselike to show my gratitude to Ismaeel, Yusef and atmosphere! The competition began with a wordKaelen, my team members, whose contributions search consisting of questions which tested ourmade this achievement possible.general physics knowledge; students from each school were split into teams, each team consistingThis trip was a great learning experience for all of us of four people working together. as it deepened our knowledge of the wider universe There were five rounds (of ten questions each) andwhile enabling us to appreciate the importance of the quizmaster was astrophysicist Dr Rob Smithphysics through the lecture; it was an enjoyable from the university. There was also a specialist roundcompetition and hopefully, next year, our school will which focused on astrophysics along with spotdo even better!prize questions which were much more difficult,Ehan Taseen (9N)including questions such as How many nuclear plants are there in the world currently? (The answer is 459, by the way.) We were also able to play our Joker for a round that we felt confident about and this doubled the points for that round; unfortunately for our team, we failed to make the best use of it!The first round was on waves and I believe our team did very well as the questions were mostly about the structure and types of wave. The second round asked us about kinematics and was mainly based on calculations such as speed, force, etc. but, in my opinion, it really was not as daunting as the subject sounded. The third round provided us with clues about something and students had to guess What 28'