b'FOR HES ACOMPUTER SCIENCE IN ACTION JOLLY GOOD Chartered Fellow of the British Computer SocietyFELLOW! The British Computer Society (BCS) aimsthe Equalities Act of 2010. I also mentor to make IT good for society and to supportnew Computer Science graduates at the Congratulations to Mr King whopeople who work in the IT industry. It hasembryonic stages of their IT career, adopting has been elected to the Britishover 60,000 members in 150 countriesvarious career mentoring techniques Computer Societys IT Leadersand awards the title of Fellow of the Britishincluding Ikigai. Which one of the quadrants Forum: Executive Community inComputer Society (FBCS) to the top five peropposite does your future career aspiration a voluntary capacity. cent of its members, who are deemed tobest fit into?be the most influential professionals in theDid you know that here at Handsworth digital industry. Thirty digital mastermindsGrammar School we offer the BCS including Bill Gates, Tim Berners-Lee, Vintaccredited Advanced International Cerf and Grace Hopper have also beenComputer Driving Licence (ICDL) Level awarded the title of Distinguished Fellows. 3 as a Year 12 enrichment option? This During the past year, my voluntaryqualification is the equivalent of one AS activities as a Chartered Fellowlevel module and provides 24 UCAS points. and an executive member ofYou must complete five automated, one-the BCS IT Leaders Forumhour tests on MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, have included championingAccess, and Improving Productivity. Upon the development of ancompletion of the qualification, you can join electronic monitoringthe BCS as a student member and who system to measure theknows, if you decide to choose a career in diversity and inclusivityIT, further down your IT journey you might of thousands of delegatesbenefit from the guidance of a fellow early who attend BCS conferencecareers mentor.events and webinars against theMr Kingnine protected characteristics of TOP BOY! Any advice for future applicants?Honestly, the best piece of advice I can An Interview with new Head Prefect Krishangive is to just be yourself. Through the sixth Patelinterviewer Muhammad Ali Imran forms vast range of enrichment studies, Tell us about yourself: youll have the opportunity to take part in organising charity events, or delivering Im Krishan Patel, and I am the newlyassemblies, which will definitely help with appointed Head Prefect. Id say one adjectiveyour application, which is what the leadership that describes me the most is probablyroles at HGS truly embody. Whether you get sociable. I love talking to people; I can talk toa prefect role or not, it doesnt mean you cant pretty much anyone. I like to go on frequentwork to make the same changes as others. walks or play football with my friends. EvenStaying true to yourself is the best advice that more recently Ive found myself reading aI was given and has helped me so far.lot, which Id recommend others to do too. Commitment is a big thing for me, so I know, despite the large responsibility of this position, it is something that I truly envision thinking, myself succeeding in. It has been an ambitionI really want that and it hasEx-HGS Student of mine since I first arrived at HGS back in 2016. always been something that Ive beenawarded an OBEencouraged to do by my parents, my teachers What made you unique out ofand even former senior prefects. Ive been everyone else who applied? ambitious to put myself out there and ICongratulations to ex-HGS student know that this is perhaps one of the greatestAlpesh Chauhan on being awarded an To be completely honest, I felt as if Iaccomplishments that anyone can achieve;OBE for Services to the Arts in the New represented the whole student body. Forand although it sounds cheesy, I dont wantYears Honours List. Alpesh is currently example, I always love to volunteer and helpanything to hinder me as its a once-in-a- Birmingham Operas Music Director. the school, at Open Evenings, or the 11+lifetime opportunity and Im genuinely grateful exams, and I feel like my presence has trulyto be chosen.made an impact around the school and an impression on teachers. By already beingWhat are your goals?an ambassador and a representative for theWhile it sounds vague, my focal point is to school, during my interview I actually felt quitetry my best to improve the school in any way comfortable despite being in front of Mr Bird,that I can. Whether its trying to improve the Ms Hurley and Dr Bird. congestion in the hallways, or even something Why did you apply for the Headlike encouraging that one person to work a Prefect role? bit harder. My main goal is to leave a positive impact all around the school. Sometimes From when I first came in 2016, I rememberall it takes to make someones day is to be seeing the Head Boy and Head Girl andrespectful and present a kind smile.21'