b'SWITCHED ONProject Switch 2.0We are Project Switch 2.0, and we areAt the beginning of our project, we sentfrom West Midlands Police to discuss our continuing the legacy of the previousout a research questionnaire, askingproject, and to offer guidance in setting up Project Switch group, which aimed tostudents about their possible pastthe Knife Bank as well as training on how switch the mindset of those who intend toexperiences with knives as well as testingbest to inform other year groups in our deal with situations using a knife. We wanttheir understanding and knowledge. Theschool about this issue. to raise awareness of the impact of kniferesponses we received motivated us toWe have many plans including more crime not only on the individual, but alsofind practical ways to help resolve thefundraising events such as a Culture the wider community.issue. We appointed people to take on aDay, where people must only come into We have presented information on self- variety of key roles. Makyiah Padda wasschool in clothes of their own culture. In defence through workshops, Enrichmentgiven the role of leader with Rohan Baggaaddition, food from each different culture Days, and PowerPoint presentations andas deputy. We began forming a timelinewill perhaps be sold that day. We also plan to achieve a true legacy we would like tofor our action plan. So far, using the 300on going to schools such as Nishkam High implement a Community Knife Surrenderwe received from Dr Bird following ourSchool and King Edwards Handsworth for Bin within Handsworth Park, a hotspot forsuccessful pitching challenge (presentingGirls to inform them about these issues as knife crime. We believe in the importanceour project and plans), we were able to setwell as possibly working with the police of choice and the choice to make theup a bake sale and raised approximatelytoo. We also intend to set up workshops right decision. We are positive that this700. Furthermore, we were able to raiseon Enrichment Day. Since this is also will eventually be implemented, whethera further 50 from a penny collection.a competition we are in the process of that is through fund raising or by workingThis money will either be sent to charitiesforming our final presentation to be judged with the police and the council to arrangethat support those affected or involvedby a panel. We hope the process of the a free one. with knife crime, or will be used to fundKnife Box goes to plan and we can leave a the building of the Knife Box. To this end,true legacy, and we do become LEGACY we invited Police Officer David MannsChampions 2022.47'