b'INSTRUMENTALPROGRESS EVENING7th AprilOur first in-person concert was the Instrumental Progress Evening where we provide the opportunity for our youngest musicians to perform in Big School. The event was very well attended with Big School close to capacity. With over fifty performers on a range of different instruments we enjoyed a wonderful showcase of classical music, jazz, pop and bhangra. The Instrumental Progress Evening is an opportunity for our younger musicians to take centre stage. The evening included the Lower School Guitar Ensemble (comprising Year 7 and 8 students), String Ensemble (Years 7 to 11), Year 7 Keyboard Ensemble and Year 8 Keyboard Ensemble, as well as solo items from:Jovan Mann (dhol) (saxophone) Hritik Bansal (violin)Kaden GabbidonZiona Paulson (flute) (classical guitar) Arjun Sond (classical Abel Shane (violin)guitar)Rayhaan HussainVeeran Gill (classical(trombone)guitar)Jayan Birdi (dhol), Gopal Dey (flute) andWilliam Brookes Angus Huang (violin) (classical guitar). Daniel Alloh All of our soloists were in either Year 7 or Year 8; some had studied their instrument for almost two years and some only a couple of months.BIRMINGHAMMUSIC SERVICEIt is very easy to forget that a number of our boys are involved in some of the fantastic ensembles led by the Birmingham Music Service. This often requires rehearsals in the evenings or at the weekends and is quite a commitment for both the student and their family. Nevertheless, it remains a wonderful opportunity to perform DHOL AND BRASS in a high-quality ensemble, socialise with other FUSION ENSEMBLE young people from across the city as well as perform in some of the greatest venues in the On 4th May we welcomed several members of thecity: Birmingham Symphony Hall, the Bramall Hall Birmingham Music Service, including Mr S. Birnieat the University of Birmingham and the Royal (Head of Birmingham Music Service), to KEVIHGS forBirmingham Conservatoire Recital Hall. Those of a pilot workshop. Our brass players combined withour students currently involved include:two of our dhol players to create a wonderful fusionArun DesaiBirmingham Schools Brass Bandof Indian and western traditions. As a result of thisDaniel EarleBirmingham Schools Brass Band successful workshop, the ensemble will continue toand Birmingham Schools Wind Orchestrarehearse at KEVIHGS and will perform at one of the Max RueffBirmingham Schools Brass Band Summer Gala concerts at Birmingham Symphonyand Birmingham Schools Jazz EnsembleHall in July. We hope to have them performing in Big Ajay PhullAzaad Dhol GroupSchool for the Summer Concert as well. Navraj PlahaAzaad Dhol Group Pritam SinghAzaad Dhol Group Dylan SeehraAzaad Dhol GroupNEW MEMBER OF THE DEPARTMENT Rohan DeBirmingham Schools Concert BandHayden LightfootBirmingham Schools Training Finally, in September 2022 we will welcome Mrs L. Ward who rejoins the musicWind Orchestradepartment as a classroom music teacher.Joshua TranBirmingham Schools Training Wind Orchestra43'