b'NELSON WILLIAMI am pleased to say that our 7Ns have really got stuckIn the year when the Commonwealth Games is into life here at KEVIHGS. I would like to wish our 11Ndue to take place in Birmingham, once again HGS all the luck for whatever path they are taking next aspupils have been competitively vying for the House well as the Nelsons that are leaving us in our sixth form.trophy. This year House William has embraced both I want to thank our House captain (Nickyle Johal) andthe sporting and academic house competitions with deputy House captain (Sanjay Bhotoa) for all of theira renewed vigour to show our ambitious nature. hard work with the Nelson House this year. A special thanks must go to our House captain It has been lovely to see so many Nelson students(Mohammed Fohpa) and our vice-captain (Ajay getting involved in our Enrichment Programme.Mann), both of whom led an inspirational assembly on Congratulations to Ziona Paulson (7N) who was winner of the Housemotivation for the students in our House at the start spelling competition, and Matthew Fenwick (7N) who achieved secondof the academic year. House William has had a long place in the House Mastermind tournament. A big well done to 8N whopartnership with our charity, Birmingham Childrens were winners of the House debate and House D&T Events as well as 10NHospital, and earlier in the year Ajay Mann delivered who were winners in House basketball and achieved second place in Housea wonderful assembly on how some of the financial badminton. contributions from House William have helped to benefit less fortunate children.I am pleased to write that Nelson have been heavily involved in charity workWe have had an ongoing programme of Enrichment this year too. 7N were the top fundraising form for our annual sponsoredDays throughout the year where our House walk, raising over 1,000 for NHS charities. An extra well done to Cullancompetition becomes the main focus of the day. Kavanagh (7N) who was the top fundraiser in Year 7. A member of 9N,Leading the way were 10 William, who got the along with his family has raised 215,000 and has had the opportunity toHouse off to a solid start in basketball, badminton meet the Countess of Wessex. and dodgeball competitions, earning valuable points One last push Nelsons over the next few monthslets get involved in thein all events. Our team in Year 9 started with the remaining events and collect as many achievement points as we can to trybadminton competition, and Faaris Alom and Able to retain the House Competition title. Jackson from 9 William were pronounced overall Mr Mohsin winners in the badminton doubles. Both the dodgeball and basketball competitions were keenly fought with a number of close games being played out, with 9 William finishing in second place in both sports.Earlier in the year, we had a week of assemblies, where the House spelling competitions were GALAHAD organised by Mr Conway. Students were asked to spell out words such as conscientious in front of an Having secured the House trophy on five consecutiveaudience of their peers. Pratham Patel in 11 William occasions up to 2019/20, it seems that a combination ofmaintained his composure to be the overall year Covid-19 and losing two of our strongest senior formschampion. I would like to thank all competitors from has perhaps meant that a mid-table finish this year iseach year group who took part for House William, more likely. Galahad began the new academic year withas it is not easy to perform under pressure in front of high expectations, and welcomed a new cohort of Yearfriends.7 students into the fold. I believe that a big part of theThe February Enrichment Day saw 11 William success we have achieved has been the consistentcompeting in the House Football and Handball, but it willingness of our students to engage and take part inwas in the House Basketball where they showed their any and every activity, and while coming first is enjoyable it issporting talents achieving second place. 8 William always the have a go attitude irrespective of where you finish that we promotemanaged to secure some valuable House points in and emphasise in our form and House assemblies. Some of the notableboth the D&T project and the House debate where successes that the students have achieved this year are: they were placed third. 8G House debating winners, House hockey winners, House table tennis winners with Xain Rehman and Dawood Siddiqui excelling. Adnan Wais With the weather playing its part in the recent House spelling champion. Enrichment Day events, we saw a sterling 9G Josh McCabe and Haseeb Dinfirst and third in 3K House cross country.performance from 8 William to claim their share with Adam Moustakimsecond in House spelling. second place in the table tennis. The best individual10G Excellent Enrichment Day resultssecond in basketball and dodgeball,player for the House was Jovam Mann who won all and House badminton champions. Niroop NazranHouse spelling champion. of his league matches, and only lost out to one of 11G Excellent Enrichment Day resultssecond in football, and first in boththe finalists in the knockout rounds. On the same basketball and handball. Enrichment Day, 8 William secured second spot in the In addition to these events, Galahad also had students in all year groups makingfootball, and were placed third in the hockey and fifth a significant positive contribution through SIMS which acknowledges academicin athletics.excellence and very good behaviour. Our most impressive students on SIMS are: With the final day of athletic events due7GAayaan Plummer +246 to take place at Hadley stadium, the8GAryan Deb +180 House Competition will be very close, 9GAdam Moustakim +236 and each point is crucial in deciding the10GKai Dawkins and Eassa Imranboth +222 outcome of the House Trophy for 2022.11Gspecial mention to Amar Aulakh who has achieved a mighty +1288Good luck to all the competitors for himself over the last five years! House William; always give your best A big thank you and congratulations to all G-Force forms, particularly theand never give up!outgoing form 11G whose consistent contribution has been immense. Mr McCarronA.K. Campbell'