b'CROSS COUNTRYThis term has seen all pupils Year 8in Key Stage 3 compete inInter-House Cross Country.1st Alfred 218Results of the overall house2nd Nelson 232competition are below.3rd Henry 279Year 7 4th Galahad 2871st Galahad 206 5th William 3362nd Alfred 214 Year 93rd William 241 1st Galahad 1894th Nelson 338 2nd Alfred 1965th Henry 352 3rd Nelson 2364th William 2585th Henry 491BIRMINGHAM SCHOOL GAMESIn April, both the Year 7 and Year 8 Sports Hall Athletics Teams competed in the Birmingham School Games City Finals. In order to compete in these finals, the school has to already have won a qualifying match earlier in the academic year, meaning the competition was fierce as certainly the best teams across the whole of Birmingham were there!After an afternoon of incredible performances, the Year 8 team were announced overall champions and Year 7 finished in a valiant third place. This is an excellent achievement for all those involved; they certainly showed fantastic determination and reliance across all the disciplines. We are excited to see what these teams can do in the athletics meets this summer.33'