b'BECCY - WINTER CONCERT PIX - 34 of them!MUSIC DEPARTMENTAt the beginning of the academic year the vast majority of our ensembles recommenced rehearsals; and as the year assemblies began again in person, we invited our pianists to provide musical accompaniment. One of the greatest parts of my role here is music making, so it was wonderful to bring our ensembles back to life as it is something we have all desperately missed over the past two years. This academic year we welcomed Mr A. Sanders to the music department who replaced Ms S. Vaughan, and marked Mr T. Knights thirtieth year at the school as our wonderful guitar teacher (thats a lot of concerts and exams!!)WINTER CONCERT25th and 26th NovemberThe music department returned to Angus Huang (classical guitar)I am particularly grateful to all of our the beautiful church of St MarysRomantic Prelude (trad. Spanish) instrumental teachers who prepared (also known as the Cathedral of theDaniel Earle (euphonium) Sleighstudents and also to Mr C. Eaton Industrial Revolution) for our WinterRide by Leroy Anderson and Mr M. Hinton who recorded the Concert recordings. Our first concert Lee Nguyen (flute) Take Five bystudents and prepared the concert at St Marys was back in DecemberPaul Desmond for us all to enjoy.2019. Erring on the side of caution,Mr Wardwe decided to produce a digital Hardev Manku (piano) Comptine concert that is available for viewingdun Autre t (from Amlie) by on the school website. Y. TiersenForty of our students participatedAtharv Baghwala (electric guitar) in the recordings over the two daysHeartbreaker by Page, Plant, and we enjoyed performances inJones and Bonham, anda range of different styles and on Radleigh Camanzo (saxophone) many instruments. A snapshot ofThe Swinging Roundabout by G. the students and works performedLyons.includes:42'