b'ENRICHMENT SPORT WINNERSSixth Form Enrichment Sixth form students have had a variety ofonline presentations from a number of interesting and engaging activities throughoutrecent leavers as well as a talk by Dr the year which have helped to prepare themJordan Foley, now a junior doctor in for the next stage of their lives. We have usedBirmingham and a former HGS pupil.the Speakers for Schools programme toOur Enrichment Day programme has bring some outstanding speakers for ouralso helped our students to prepare students to listen to online. We have also usedfor their university applications. Our theatre productions to highlight issues suchUCAS preparation programme has as sexual relationships and contraception,been refined over the years to give consent and child sexual exploitation, andour students the right advice and these productions have been extremely wellguidance, so that they make the received by our students. right choices about the next stage Sixth form students have also been invited toof their educational journey. This take part in a wide range of activities rangingalso includes the opportunity for every Year from chess and football to jewellery, Rubiks12 student to visit Aston University and the cube and table tennis. University of Birmingham.We have also been able to call on theMr Conwayexperiences of some of our ex-students with SIXTH FORM REWARD TRIPThe trip to Teamworks Karting wasas when I came first place in go-karting; arranged to recognise and reward thosebut some students, including myself, must students in Years 12 and 13 who havehave had problematic equipment to achieve been performing consistently well in school,such appalling scores in the laser tag! The in terms of attendance, punctuality andtrip was great fun!overall conduct. Kavish Bhopal, Year 12First we enjoyed go-karting, and then later in the afternoon we tried laser tag. There was also table football to play in the upper lounge and the cafeteria, and this provided us with a vantage point to watch the poor driving of fellow students which was quite amusing!The trip had quite a few enjoyable moments, such 25'