b'MS CHANDAN How long have you taught at HGS? Naughtiest thing you did at school? Ten years. I started in 2012, two weeksIm struggling to think of something after getting married and moving tohere because I was an annoyingly Birmingham from London. HGS playedgood student which is why my siblings a big part in helping me adjust to life inwould poke fun at me and call me the a different city, although to be honest,golden child. Nevertheless, I think the it took me a while to get used to a newnaughtiest thing I ever did was truant accent. There was a lot of Can youprivate study at A levelprobably only repeat that please? from me in thoseonce or twice.early weeks of teaching. Favourite memory of teaching What will you miss the most/at HGS?best thing about HGS?Before I went on maternity leave in The students. I have been very lucky to2017, I was teaching one of my Year teach SO many wonderful students over12 classes and there was a lot of noise Favourite psychologythe years. They enjoy Psychology, theyoutside. When I opened the door, concept or theories? value education and want to work hardthe other Year 12 class came intoI love attachment theory because it to achieve high grades; this makes themmy classroom singing We love Mrsmakes intuitive sense. But I guess my an absolute pleasure to teach. Every soChandan. Together the two groups hadfavourite concept is neuro-plasticity often I receive a message from an ex- bought me and my daughter presents.and synaptic pruning. In essence, our student letting me know that they haveThey even filled a jar with pink and bluelife experiences shape the development graduated or started a new job and itslips on which every student had writtenof our brain. New neural connections is humbling to know that, after all theseme a personalised message. There werecan be formed and strengthened and years, they still remember me and that,more than a few tears on my part those which we dont use are pruned. as a teacher, I was lucky enough to playI love this concept because it means a small part in their journey to success. Other memorable moments we are never too late to learn or try The staff have also been fantastican at HGS?something new or develop a new skillamazing team of dedicated professionalsI absolutely loved going on the Yearour brain actively helps us to do this!that I have had the pleasure of working7 residential trip to Whitemoor Lakes. with. It was a lot of fun rock climbing, zip Motto for life?Claim to fame?wiring and spending time with staff andLive in the present, work hard, be kind, students in a different environment. Ibe truthful and make memories with Nothing yet although I have written aenjoyed this trip so much that I thinkthose you lovethese are priceless.childrens book that is in the process ofI went three years in a row. Other being published in the next few months.memorable moments include holding a I am hoping it does welllarge python and meeting students on results days LURLINE CODINGLurline Codling has worked in the Catering Department of King Edward VI for over 25 years, and also in the Cleaning Department for over 15 years.Lurline has made many friends during her time at the school and she will be missed.We wish her a long and happy retirement which is so well deserved.57'