b'More, More, MOOR!My favourite activity was problem solving because allWhitemoor the problems wereLakes was an exciting really creative and theexperience as we did a solutions were reallyrange of activities including clever. Amritrock climbing, high ropes Today was a jumble of fun activities! First was 7H and abseiling. I would love abseiling and the zip wire. In all honesty I was to go again and would Dear Dad, too scared to do itas you know I am really recommend it to anyone!scared of heights so jumping off with only a Hrithik 7Hrope to help me live was terrifying! There are I found out things two types of peoplethose who arentI didnt know before like afraid of heights and those who are and Ithe material of the clothes you After a rest we did problem solving or, as I now wear while fencing is the same am solidly in the second camp. call it, the sea of agony. Im not just saying it for material bulletproof vests are made effect! It was really hard to figure out and I fell of. My favourite activity was high ropes over six times! Do not ask how, I dont know! because it really tested my abilities After that we tackled the high ropes. It was especially as I have a fear of heights! It less terrifying than abseiling but it was still a bit was really fun and I think everyone scary. I got over my fear in the end and caught should try the activity before they say they are too scared!the bar in a leap of faith. See you soon!Fahim Mohammed 7HAmarAbseiling was alright butHi Mom and Dad,zip wiring was electric! AydinHope you are well and not missing 7H me. Here at Whitemoor Lakes we are having a blast! We got straight into it with some fast paced canoeing The staff werewhich was quite exhilarating! OurWe got to really kind andteacher, Adam, taught us how toparticipate in supportive. If you were toopaddle, although at the end heexciting activities which scared to do an activity theydrenched us with really cold water!I wouldnt usually do would encourage you but theyStraight after that we tried our handincluding canoeing, abseiling wouldnt force you. They alwaysat fencing and quickly learnt howand zip wiring. It pushes tried to encourage you to doto get into the en garde positionyou to the limits and something that you neverto signal that we were ready for achallenges your fears. thought you could do.match. It was great fun! of the world! To be honest, it was Adam 7H magical. People were cheering meCarter 7HMy favourite moment was zip liningon as I zip lined to glory and I felt as we were going at top speedunstoppable. That day was the day I and you feel like you are on the topconquered my fear of heights. Result!Arjun Climbing is the memory I will remember forever! Looking down while at the top gave me a feeling I have never felt before. Amaan 7H26'