b'LEGACYTAKE THE PATH; MAKE THE JOURNEYWe are Project Navigate, one of HGSs non-profitOctober, we started and ran a weekly afterschool charity organisations. Throughout the last academicPython Programming Language Club, open to year, we have led and been on a journey. Truthfully, anall of KS3, provoking interest in wider academia. arduous journey, yet one that has been so enrichingWe also reintroduced the popular Bake Sales for for all of us involved. the first time since 2019, following the numerous Let us tell you of our amazing story so far. lockdowns. Remarkably, we raised over 500 for charities such as Children in Need and Comic We formed our group and brainstormed many ideas.Relief, through the selling of food, the selling of Red Our goal was simple; a positive, lasting mark on ourNose Day charity items, and activities like Crossbar local community. There were many potential avenuesChallenge. The Half-Term Hobbyist competition, but we settled on a Covid recovery scheme to dealPenalty Shootouts and Sweets in a Jar competition with the issues Covid has resulted in. Despite theresaw increased participation each time around. We being no obligation to wear a face covering in public,have had success in our Enrichment Day sessions it is undisputed that the pandemic and lockdownswhere we worked with specific year groups to deliver have had significant impacts on everyone, butdesignated workshops. With Year 7, we focused on particularly children, who have suddenly lost years ofteamwork and collaboration with a group quiz. Year their life that are crucial for character development.10 took part in a Kickboxing Workshop with famed The forced demand to stay at home, or distancing inguests Kash the Flash, Stormin Norman and Mr public, have had clear repercussions: demotivation,Handsworth to promote the discipline in maintaining laziness, low confidence, poor collaboration, anroutine activities, whilst also promoting the benefits of overreliance on technology and negative mental healthreturning to clubs.consequences. Our surveys and interviews revealedOverall, we are pleased with our efforts, and sincerely that the effects of Covid will be long-term unlesshope that students have benefited from our work. they are addressed. Henceforth, it is our mission to revitalise the lives of young people. Whether they have learned crucial life skills or just enjoyed themselves, we hope that our dedication has Naturally, as is the case with many widespread issues,led to something positive.improving the personal and social development ofWe are Project Navigate. Perhaps you have young people does not have such a simple solution.wondered, after all that has been said, why Navigate. We conducted primary research on our targetWe chose this name as it represents our desire to lead audience, planning different activities that wethe way. We want young people to take the right path could enact, and organising events throughoutin life, and to make the best choices for their ideal the year. future. Along the way, we will guide and navigate their Initially, our efforts began in raising generalway through that journey.awareness and outlining the years plans. InKrishan Patel, Project Manager46'