b'MS MORGAN What made you decide to become a teacher? Favourite animal? I always wanted to be a teacher when growing up. My mum isOttersa teacher so I spent a lot of times in school and it looked like something I wanted to do!Favourite geographical feature and why?Funniest moment in teaching?Waterfallvery nice to look at and I enjoy wild swimming (swim in the plunge pool).Thinking I was locked in the Sky Lab but I just wasnt pushing the door hard enough. A pupil had to come and let me out.Advice to 16-year-old-me?Favourite book?Make sure you take time out to do things you enjoy like hobbies, meet up with mates etc. Dont study 24/7.The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Motto for life?Favourite film?Cant score a goal if youre not in the game.AustraliaMR SANDERS What made you decide to becomeFavourite film?a teacher?Jurassic ParkI always wanted to go into some sort of research and teaching job, so over the Favourite geographical feature and why? pandemic I decided to pursue secondaryVolcanoesits a mountain that explodesteaching. Favourite book? Motto for life? The Boy in the Striped PyjamasYour problems are always smaller than othersCHANDANBABY 58'