b'HOUSE REPORTSALFREDboth badminton and dodgeball. This year House Alfred has bounced back stronglyThe cherry on top was Cameron following the uncertainty and Covid measures ofLai, 9A, winning the individual last year. We have pulled together as a Housebadminton competition.to continue to drive forward our charitable andThe second term gave us further sporting efforts. House captain Jack Griffiths andopportunities to display our vice-captain Satinder Panesar have been pillarssporting prowess with our Year of support for pupils within the house, offering11 teams stepping up to the challenge to come first guidance and advice as well as inspiration. in House football, second in handball and third in Our usual charitable efforts were scaled back duebasketball. Well done Year 11!to the social distancing at the beginning of theDuring the most recent Enrichment Day, our Year 8s year. Nevertheless, 9 Alfred were keen to continuemade a significant contribution to our position in the raising money for our House charity, the Guide Dogscompetition. We narrowly missed out on first place in Association. They ran a Valentines Day fundraiser,indoor athletics, coming second. The hockey players the Wall of Love, and collected a respectable sumalso put in a good slog and came second.to aid in the training of Comet, the guide dog we are sponsoring. Mr Sangars form continued to placeThese are all fantastic achievements showcasing the battery banks around the school in order to preventrange of skills pupils have honed throughout their useful metals going to landfill. school careers to date. This year, more than any We also continued with our sporting success duringbefore, we look forward to reuniting with the House Enrichment Days. During the first term we came firstCup!in Year 10 House dodgeball and Year 9 came first inMr Bansalwas the key here and you cannot accuse the Year 11s HENRY of not being consistent; they finished in fifth place in badminton, football, and handballHenry V is back! The first Enrichment Day of this academic year wasBetter news on this day, however, was the Year 8 Design in October 2021. House basketball was fiercelyand Technology Competition, in which Henry finished contested with the Year 10 team finishing a crediblefirsthurrah! In the Year 9 Spelling Bee, Diego Kerr of 9 third. The Year 10 dodgeball team did reasonably wellHenry finished firstcongratulations to him.in difficult circumstances and finished fourth. The YearIn May, Enrichment Day four was Year 8s turn to excel 10 badminton team competed against some very goodin the sporting arena. In table tennis, where team and school badminton players and did well to finish third. Aindividual prizes were up for grabs, Henry came fourth; good steady start to the academic year. but the individual winner of the competition was Henrys The second Enrichment Day took place in December.own Alvyn Baskaran. A tremendous effort, well done. This time it was Year 9s turn. In badminton they did veryMore glory followed in the indoor athleticsHenry first! well and finished an excellent second. In basketball Year with Litem Roy McIntyre-Smith dominating and driving 9 came upagainst some excellent school playersHenry on to victory. With the rain pouring down Henry and struggled a little, managingbattled against the odds to claim fourth in the hockey. only fourth this time, but a greatRain was also lashing down in the football matches effort! The Year 9 dodgeball teamproving difficult conditions for flowing football; Henry unfortunately came unstuck andcame a gallant third.could only manage fifth. But theThe final piece of news is a new Connect 4 House taking part is just as important ascompetition. All pupils in Year 8 participated to produce winning! five finalists. In a very tight affair Barun Singh of 8H Enrichment Day three, inended up the Connect 4 champion. Well done to him.February 2022, was the dayWith Sports Day still to come, a very much improved the Year 11s stepped up to theyear for Henry. Well done to all those that participated.plateor not Consistency Mr S. Campbell'