b'TRIPS&VISITSCAN I KICK IT?YES YOU CAN!Hello all! It is Project Navigate again, and we havewhole. On the day students learnt to jab, strike and been hard at work revitalising habitual behaviour afterkick correctly, and the use of kickboxing pads really lockdown, by considering the importance of clubs,helped! Alongside these moves, staple exercises which we did through our own Kickboxing Workshop. and stretches were also practised beforehand. Furthermore, our guests provided a personal insight On the May Enrichment Day we led sessions for theinto modern climate subjects, such as explaining how students of Year 10. After an informative presentationthe clubs they run help regulate issues like mental in Big Schoolwhere we looked at the decline of thehealth. There was a lot to learn, and while the activities clubs following the rise of the pandemic, the personalwere practical, we hope the key essence of respect discipline of following routine activities and the benefitsand discipline was understood clearly.of sports such as kickboxingwe surveyed our audience, recognising that while many used to attendWe truly hope the students enjoyed their time with such activities, they did not do so currently. Somethingthe pros and feel encouraged to take their own paths we hoped to change with the arrival of our guests! by perhaps attending a weekly sport activity. While Kashs weekly sessions at Handsworth Leisure Centre With his ring entrance music playing, the former four- are more in-depth than what was experienced on time World Kickboxing Champion, Kash the FlashEnrichment Day, we hope that students feel more Gill, and his entourage consisting of local legendsmotivated and inspired to pursue passions of their Stormin Norman and Mr Handsworth, enteredown, whether they involve kickboxing or not. Again, our school to surprise everyone, even the staff! With amany thanks to Kash, Norman and Hector for making warm welcome, the team set to introduce themselves,this day one to remember for the students of HGS. before the main event the kickboxing workshops. Thanks for all the support for our project, which allows Despite only having fifty minutes with each formus to make these positive differences in our local group, pupils got to explore different aspects of mixedcommunity.martial arts, with the different coaches sharing theirTake the Path, Make the Journeyspecialised experiences in kickboxing, boxing, and karate to name a few, giving students a flavour ofKrishan Patel, Project Managerprofessional self-defence techniques and MMA as a'