b'HISTORYLate Modern and ContemporaryThere has been a huge shift from the thriving industrial age establishedIn terms of relating by the Industrial Revolution to one of technological advances whichto our lives right seem to be defining and shaping contemporary society. If the studynow, the lead-up of the past is a constant process of exchange and dialogue betweento WW2 seems to the historian and the facts then todays contemporary media- have parallels with driven society is allowing for a more individualistic experience of thisthe current situation engagement. History, now, belongs to us all, and by developing roomin Europe.for all histories and associated interpretations we can genuinely beginMrs Harttto experience the breadth and depth of the past.Mr MohammedThe release from prison ofNelson Mandela: February 11th 1990I was a History undergraduate atchange.university when Nelson Mandela wasNelson Mandelas address at Cape released from prison. I had been toTown City Hall on the day of his a few events calling for his releaserelease from prison is a symbol of both at home and abroad during thea new era in South Africa. Millions 1980s. He was a hero of mine andof people around the world had for me this was a key event in ourcampaigned for his release for recent history. decades, and were finally able to The release of Nelson Mandela fromwatch him walk out of prison and the Victor Verster Prison in Capegive his first address at Cape Town Town on 11th February 1990 wascity hall. Below is some of that the most striking symbol of the endspeech:of apartheid in South Africa. HisFriends, comrades, and fellow dramatic walk from the gates ofSouth Africans, I greet you all in the the prison, hand in hand with hisname of peace,wife Winnie, captured the worlds imagination. I followed the events liveAmandla! Amandla! i-Afrika, on the day in awe and admiration. mayibuye!Mandela had been a prisoner forMy friends, comrades and fellow 27 years, arrested in 1962 andSouth Africans, I greet you all in convicted in 1964 of conspiring tothe name of peace, democracy overthrow the state. For 18 of thoseand freedom for all. I stand here years, Mandela endured the harshbefore you not as a prophet but as a conditions of Robben Island. By thehumble servant of you, the people.late 1970s Mandela had become aYour tireless and heroic sacrifices symbol of South African oppression.have made it possible for me to be During the 1980s Free Nelsonhere today. I therefore place the Mandela became a worldwideremaining years of my life in your campaign with concerts, marcheshands.and demonstrations, and it saw the release of records putting pressureOn this day of my release, I extend on politicians the world over. my sincere and warmest gratitude to His release was an act of politicalthe millions of my compatriots and courage by the new South Africanthose in every corner of the globe president, F. W. de Klerk; but dewho have campaigned tirelessly for Klerks decision, and its timing,my release.were the culmination of decadesDr S N Birdof political, economic and social 63'