b'1862 5th August HGS opens!1862Headmaster 1 Rev J. M. Guest1863Metropolitan Line opensfirst underground railway in the world 1867HGS TIMELINE The FA Cup First antisepticsAt the first FA Cup Final at the Kennington1872Oval in 1872, there were fewer than 2,000 spectators mainly due to the entrance fee of a 1 a ticket! There were no goal nets, FA Cup no free kicks, no penalties, and the pitch markings did not include a centre circle or1874a half-way line. Wanderers player Morton Peto Betts became the first player to score an FA Cup Final goal.Aston Villa formed1875Birmingham City Football Club, then known as the Small Heath Alliance, formed1876First telephone callAhoy!1879Edison debuts the lightbulb1896Headmaster 2 S. R. Hart1897Villa Park opens1901Death ofQueen1904 VictoriaFirst edition of The Bridge magazine4'