b'MR ALEXANDER What made you decide to becomeFavourite music?a teacher?I have an eclectic and broad taste in I first decided to become a teacher whenmusic. I like everyone from Miles Davis I calculated that most of my waking lifeto Herbie Hancock to John Coltrane would be spent in work. I did not want toto Alice Coltrane to Pharoah Sanders spend those hours being bored, pushingto Scott Walker to David Bowie to numbers around on a spreadsheet, andKraftwerk to George Clinton to Prince so I swiftly left the world of finance to startto Kate Bush to Bjork to PJ Harvey my PGCE. I am not sure that everyoneto Nick Cave to The Happy Mondays becomes a teacher because of ennui but itto 808 State to Teenage Fanclub to worked for me. Nirvana to Nine Inch Nails to Wu-Tang Clan to The Aphex Twin to AutechreFavourite moment so far?to Spiritualized to The Streets to The Cheesy I know, but I prefer processes toLibertines to Jack White to Kendrick Lamar moments. There is nothing more enjoyableto Thundercat to BadBadBadNotGood to Favouritethan seeing a student transform over theShabaka Hutchings to Floating Points to geographical feature? months and years into a maths machineFontaines DC and quite a lot in between able to confidently slay the sneakiest andthat I have failed to mention. The Mariana Trenchit is so deep.most troublesome differential equation.Favourite area of maths? Advice to 16-year-old me?Best thing about HGS?Group theory. It is so wonderfully abstractListen to your teachers. They honestly do How warm and welcoming staff andand highlights the amazing symmetry andknow what they are talking about.students alike have been since I arrived.connections within the universe. It is all Everyone has gone out of their way toabout simplicity but then it contains the Motto for life? make my start as simple and as easy asawesome Monster Group that has 196,883Always Wear Sunscreen.possible. dimensions.AHMED PIEPDIE-POSSIBABYBABY 59'