b'Year 7, 8 ResultsHGS 3630 Eden BoysHGS 1922 Prince AlbertAston Manor 932 HGSBASKETBALL HGS 1026 Fortis AcademyHGS 1227 Fortis AcademySPORTSYear 9, 10, 11 ResultsHGS 4028 BroadwayHGS 3630 Aston ManorThe Basketball Club remainsstrongest basketball schoolsKE Sheldon Heath 2321 incredibly popular, with up toin the city because of theHGSsixty boys attending trainingnumber of teams that weHolyhead 1253 HGSeach Thursday in the Sportshave. Holte 613 HGSHall. We have tried to give as many boys as possible theMy thanks go to all of theKE Aston 3432 HGSchance to represent the schoolplayers who have beenJohn Henry Newman 2739 teams in matches and theya part of the club thisHGShave all performed admirably. year, and to Mr King our Head of Computing The North Birmingham Schoolsand Multimedia who Basketball League is organisedalso helps to coach our from our school and we arebasketball teams.now recognised as one of theMr Conway TABLE TENNISThe PE Department took 28 pupils to compete in the Butterfly Birmingham Schools Individual Competition at Niskham School. The level of talent on show was exceptional, with many regional and national players competing.While all those participating fought hard, standout performances came from Alvyn Baskaran (8H) and Roan Paul (10G) who both INDOOR CRICKET reached the semi-final Both the U13 and U14 indoor cricket teams have had greatstages.pre-seasons in their indoor fixtures. Winning two matches and losing just the one (by only six runs), we are excited for the outdoor season to begin in the summer term.32'