GCSE Art and Design – Yr 10-11 (2020-2021)

  • In September there will be exams in your subjects which will last for 1 hour for each subject.
    1. Exams will be taking place during lesson times.
    2. In Art we won’t be having a one-hour exam because there would be no point.
    3. Instead you will be asked to bring in all of the work that you have completed so far -ready to hand in.
    4. Make sure that you have all of the work in school. Don’t turn up with an excuse – ‘oh – I’ve forgotten it’.  We need to make the most of all of the time we have.
    5. You will be given a simple sheet to fill in outlining and explaining what you have completed so far – your theme and focus; your development ideas; what pieces you are moving onto next; your ideas for the final piece.
    6. I will be taking in your work and your outline sheet, and giving you a very rough grade based on what you hand in.
  • On Teams, I have uploaded files to help you. I’ve added: –
    1. the sheets that I’ve sent out during the lockdown period.
    2. Information/help sheets that you had already been given before the lockdown.
    3. a PowerPoint presentation with exemplar projects.
      1. I’ve added annotation to explain what is good about the projects and how they were awarded a grade 9. There is also a project that didn’t achieve a grade 9 – which is annotated to explain why.
  • By the time you come back to school you should have completed the following pieces: –
    1. A range of observational pieces using different materials and surfaces,
    2. a series of photoshoots,
    3. all of your artist copies,
    4. some of your development ideas.
    5. You should know how you are going to develop further and have some idea as to what you are going to be doing for your final piece.
    6. You should have been making notes/ annotating /evaluating what you have done already – explaining what you have done, why you’ve done it, how you’ve done it and how well it went.
  • Here are some other helpful links.
    1. Exam board – the mark scheme
    2. Bite size – very very useful – breakdown of techniques, development ideas, annotation etc.
    3. A website set up by an art teacher from New Zealand – but exceptionally helpful
    4. There are also many Youtube videos of top grade work which other students have uploaded to help you. Many of these are in presented in sketchbooks, but the content is exactly the same as boards – just on smaller pages.
  • Finally – I’m really looking forward to getting back to school and seeing how well you have been doing. If you need any extra help during the summer please email me and ask!