Mathematics CRP

Year 10 Covid-19 Recovery Plan

Your Maths Assessment in September will be 1 hour long and test the content given below.

The best way to prepare and know what precisely can be examined is given on the DrFrost platform,

Please see this video for how to best prepare for the assessment:

Other useful resources:

See below a simplified list of topics:

  • Change subject of a formula
  • Plot quadratic, cubic, and other curves
  • Factorising up to factorising a quadratic
  • Add/subtract/multiply and divide algebraic fractions
  • Use and understand f(x) notation – find composite and inverse functions
  • Solve inequalities
  • Solve simultaneous equations – algebraically and graphically (up to one linear one quadratic)
  • Straight line graphs – finding equation, parallel and perpendicular lines + Finding midpoints and lengths between co-ordinates
  • Prime factorise, find factors and multiples of an integer, find HCF and LCM of integers
  • Convert between fractions/decimals/percentages (including recurring decimals)
  • Find percentages/fractions of an amount+ Perform percentage changes/compound changes+ Reverse percentages
  • Know all index and indices rules
  • Direct and inverse proportional change
  • Rounding/truncating/estimating calculations + Upper and Lower bounds including calculations + suitable accuracy determination
  • Using and calculating with standard index form
  • All work on Surds
  • Know all angle rules including those for parallel lines and polygon interior/exterior angle sums
  • Know area formulae for triangles, rectangles, parallelograms, trapeziums and circles (including circumference)
  • Know how to find Surface area and Volume for prisms, spheres, cones, frustums and pyramids
  • Know and use Pythagoras theorem and trigonometry (for right angled triangles only)
  • Understand how to find lengths, areas and volumes for similar shapes
  • Know how to prove similarity and congruence of triangles
  • Understand, be able to construct and interpret:  box plots, cumulative frequency diagrams, scatter graphs, histograms, stem and leaf, pictograms
  • Be able to find averages and range for raw data, data in frequency tables and grouped data

Know how to find probability for event(s)

Year 12 Covid-19 Recovery Plan

To prepare for your September assessment you should (in order)

  1. Ensure you have completed all AS content
  2. Work through past papers which were set during latter summer half term
  3. A folder of all AS papers and mark schemes used during the review work can be found here:
  4. Use as explained here:

Other sources of revision:

Further Maths only: