Psychology CRP

Year 12 Information

During the exam week in September, in Psychology,  you will be assessed on 3 modules:

  • Attachment
  • Psychopathology
  • Approaches

Key information

  • The paper will be 1 hour long
  • Each section will be work 16 marks
  • The paper will contain a mixture of exam question styles (see psychology handbook for more information )
  • Total marks available = 48 marks
  • You need to spend approximately 20 minutes on each section

I have created a number of resources to help you revise.  Please see Moodle for the resources

and watch the video below where I explain the resources that are available.

Please also use the exam questions and mark schemes you have been provided. You can find electronic copies on this on moodle.

Here are two other websites you might find useful

I will assess you on Biopsychology at the end of September in order to assess how much of this module you have understood.  The resources for this can also be found on Moodle.


All the best

Mrs Chandan