Business Studies & Economics CRP

September Business Studies Exams

Year 10 

Students will be tested on units 1, 2 and 6.

  • Business in the real world
  • Influences on Business
  • Finance

Students should use the following resources:

  • shared area – video resources, hyperlinks to website, power point presentations etc
  • Moodle – course companion, exam booklets – technique refinement, revision presentations and quizzes
  • Doddle – quizzes and revision resources
  • Revision guides – students have physical copies

Year 12

The test will be based on units 1 – 6 and should use the following resources:

  • Shared area – video resources, hyperlinks to websites, power point presentations etc
  • Moodle – course companions, exam technique and revision, Sow and Specification
  • Dynamic Learning – quizzes, revision material
  • Revision Guides – students have physical copies

Mr Karra

Y12 September Economics Exam

In common with all other subjects, the Economics exam will be just ONE HOUR long.

I would normally have produced a 2 hour paper with both micro and macro essays on it giving you the opportunity to write about quite a range of the material that we have studied this year. Clearly this style of exam will not be possible this year.

This year’s exam then will be a Multiple Choice exam covering the same range of material that would have been in the written exam. In this respect, it will be similar to the multiple choice paper that is on Paper 3 of the actual exam. Most questions will be from AS level papers but where we have covered topics to the full A Level standard you will find some full A Level questions have been used.


Introductory ideas – Factors of Production, PPC’s etc

Markets – Demand and Supply, all elasticities

Market Failures – the range of market failures, public goods, externalities, merit/de-merit goods etc

Government Interventions in markets – Indirect taxes, subsidies, max and min prices


The National Economy (see detailed sheet provided with the ‘clinic’ notes on the school website).

There will be numerous AD/AS model questions so you need to fully understand this model.


There will be no questions on the paper from the International 1 section

Resources for revision

Use your class notes that you made up to the point of lockdown

Use your textbook. In particular you might try going through the book ensuring that you follow how the diagrams work

Use past papers from AQA

There are AS papers from 2016-18 and A Level Paper 3 questions 2017-18

Please click here to download the material for the Economics Clinic.

Mr Coulthard