Design & Technology


Design and Technology (D&T) is the inspiring, rigorous and practical subject which prepares all young people to live and work in an increasing technological world.

Design Technology at KEVI HGS is a popular Department, all year groups are encouraged to express their creativity and analytical skills over a range of projects and disciplines within Design Technology.

A Technology and Engineering Club runs afterschool giving students the opportunity to explore outside of lessons CAD modelling, laser cutting and the 3D printer in more detail.

All students study Design and Technology at KS3, we currently offer GCSE Design and Technology in KS4.  A Level Product Design is offered in KS5.

Course Calendars

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Students are exposed to all aspects of design through KS3, embarking on a 9-week rotation in which students explore different aspects of Design and Technology.

Students are assessed three times during every rotation – two project-based assessments and an end of unit written exam. Dates of the assessments and outlines of lessons taught within each rotation can be seen in the course calendars in the front of students’ books or by using the links above An overview of the units studied in Design and Technology can be seen in the course calendar for KS3

During KS3 students are introduced to a range of tools and equipment. They learn to work safely to produce high quality products that they will take home at the end of the rotation.

In electronics Students are introduced to coding using crumble components and software. Students will learn how different electronic components function and how to solder. These skills will be used by students in the creation of their electronic circuits.

Students are introduced to a Computer Aided Design (CAD) package Techsoft 2D design. They learn how to develop designs and produce them using a laser cutter or 3D printer, Students work with a number of materials to produce a commercially viable product. In year 9 students are introduced to the 3D CAD modelling program Autodesk Fusion 360.

GCSE Design and Technology is offered as an option at the end of KS3.

DT MP3 Prototypes



Food Technology

Students get hands on experience in following a recipe, cook and take home a finished product every practical lesson. They learn and develop the basic skills of successful food preparation, health and hygiene and healthy eating. Students produce a range of dishes in which they adapt and develop to suit different dietary needs. All ingredients for food at KEVI HGS are provided.

Foodwise – Cooking on a budget while studying at university is offered as an option as part of the year 12 enrichment program.


Year 10 & 11

GCSE Design and Technology is about providing opportunities for students to develop their capability, combining their designing and making skills with knowledge and understanding in order to create quality products.

We offer AQA Design and Technology. These Schemes are assessed by the exam board 50% Written exam and 50% controlled assessment. This suite of courses offers students the opportunity to build and develop knowledge and skills acquired during Key Stage 3, along with new skills required to achieve the higher grades in coursework and examinations. We support our students with a vibrant technology club where students can work with the design after school to achieve one to one support.

Year 12 & 13

We offer AQA Product Design at A level. Product Design is the study of how we interact with everyday things and how we can improve the quality of people’s lives through better, more thoughtful and intelligent design. Assessment in this course is 50% Exam and 50% NEA. Students study materials, processes, CAD/CAM, manufacturing systems and engineering in society. Students learn to think creatively and intervene to improve the quality of life, solving problems individually and as members of a team. Students evaluate present and past designs and their uses.