The Mathematics department comprises nine specialist teachers. We are fortunate to have a team where every member has the expertise for teaching from key stage 3 up to key stage 5 (A level). The department staff are:

  • Mr G Dhillow (Head of Department) 
  • Mr B Bansal (Deputy in Department) 
  • Mr A Kafai (Deputy Headteacher) 
  • Mr A Campbell (Head of Year 10) 
  • Mr R Sangar 
  • Ms P To 
  • Mrs Y Lin-Fellows 
  • Mr Alexander 
  • Ms A Sohal 


We aim to help students gain the knowledge, mathematical strategies, and fluency to master curriculum content. Moreover, to become mathematical thinkers who both enjoy and confidently approach novel problems as lifelong learners

HGS Maths – Our Unique Approach

We have designed our own bespoke curriculum, which is split into 25 units of work over 5 years. Please click here to view it.  

  • What we have done is map out a journey, guiding your child from the mathematics completed at key stage 2, through the key stage 3 curriculum, and to the completion of the key stage 4 curriculum, which is examined at GCSE. 
  • This curriculum ensures that all the knowledge, skills, and attributes required for GCSE, and more importantly, for further study both in breadth and depth.
  • This mapping has been done in-house, leading to the creation of our own unique resources instead of using a standard textbook. 
  • Our curriculum is underpinned by a consistent and coherent approach that every student experiences in any of our classrooms, thanks to our booklets.
  • All these resources can be found on our website: 

Here you will find: 

  • PDFs of our booklets 
  • Links to our courses on 
  • Links to videos 
  • Links to revision resources 
  • Links to past paper materials 

Please also see this video from our YouTube channel that explains how the website supports students and parents: 

Online Platform –

We subscribe to the excellent platform, where we have further tailored our bespoke curriculum by creating our own set of courses. These courses can be found here: King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School for Boys (  

A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics

Specification and resources

We follow the new Edexcel specification for A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics. For further details, please refer to year 12 and 13 pages on 

Entrance requirements

Students are required to have a minimum of a grade 7 in GCSE Mathematics for A level Mathematics and a grade 9 for the study of Further Mathematics.


We provide opportunities for students to participate in the UKMT mathematics challenges from Junior to Senior Level.

Additionally, at key stage 4, we also offer GCSE Further Mathematics. 

At key stage 5 we offer specific support for entrance exams such as STEP, MAT, and TMUA. 

Assessment and Homework

We regularly assess understanding, using entrance and exit tickets as low stakes mini tasks that are marked by teachers.

At the end of each unit of work, students receive a formal assessment in the form of a summative classroom test. 

At A level, these formal assessments are scheduled as whole school progress reviews. 

Additionally, each year group undergoes a synoptic end of year assessment according to the school schedule.  

We teach years 7 and 8 in their form groups and set from year 9 onwards. We also have sets at A level. 

Departmental Teaching and Learning

Please see the following pdf by clicking here.