Tropical Fish Club – Week 6

During Week’s 5 session we are asked to research some fish and creatures that would make up our ‘clean-up crew’, as algae is becoming an unsightly problem in our tank. We managed to short list a good 10 members for this clean-up crew which we plan on narrowing down and ordering in sessions to come.

We also recorded some observations that were different in the tank from last week we noticed that some plants were not growing as fast as others and we plan on recording the same information next week, to discuss if we get a change in growth. As for the other plants, they seem to be thriving in the tank as our snails eat away at the algae.

After recording the growth, we then held a discussion regarding our clean-up crew, and why they are essential in a tank like ours and why it is important to choose our fish carefully as we do not want a huge fish just to dominate our tank or have fish which are too small to see. We also went through on what our shortlisted clean-up crew eat, and considered whether they would become a threat to creatures already in the tank. We wanted to go for bright coloured fish in our tank to make it more pleasing to the eye and have some very unusual looking fish in there and not just have your classic goldfish looks.

We then all went away with the task of seeing if we could add anything further to the list of crew.

Overall, this was a very good productive week.

Ben Yarnall 8G

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