Tropical Fish Club – Week 9 & 10

We previously learnt about the nitrogen cycle/water chemistry and the filter. We now thought it was a good idea to start consider which fish we would like to stock in our tank, as well as learning how to test the water chemistry.

Pupils came with ideas prepared as to which fish they would like to keep. Their decisions were not just based on the colours/aesthetics of the fish, but also: how many of each type ought to be kept together to allow them to show their more natural behaviours, whether they are suitable with our water conditions, how aggressive/submissive they may be, how big they are/how much waste/bioload they produce and whether they prevent us from keeping other species/compatibility.

Pupils had some great ideas; Indian glass fish, rasboras, rams, tetras and plecos to name a few! Pupils also talked about how they would like to breed a pair of rams. This would definitely be an exciting project for the club and it is something we are collectively considering. We would however firstly need to stock our dither fish. Pupils decided on Cardinal tetras and Harlequin rasboras. They wanted two shoals of smaller fish and perhaps some bigger fish at a later date.


We also carried out water tests to check our ammonia/nitrite/nitrate levels, as well as our water pH. Results indicated that we were ready for fish, we had no ammonia, nitrite or nitrate in the tank. We would however have to be careful not to add too many fish in one go, which could cause a spike in ammonia and nitrite. We discussed how adding too many fish in one go would not allow the time for enough bacteria assemblage in our filter.



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