Tropical Fish Club – Week 3

Week 3 31/03/2021

Today we decided to experiment with how the tank looked (again!). We began by removing all the plants which we received from Scaped Nature last week. All pupils rolled up their sleeves and got hands on! We took out all the plants and placed them in a tub full of tank water.

We examined the root structures of some of the plants, including a bulb variety (red tiger lotus). We talked about how some of the plants could be propagated and how others let out runners, similar to potatoes.

After removing the plants, we had a chance to readjust our scape. Luckily for us, my brother had kindly gifted some unique pieces of bogwood and rocks to our club! These new pieces came in useful and added much needed decor. We positioned the old and new pieces of wood until we eventually found a design which we all liked:

We decided on this island style scape which, in combination with plants, will provide a scenic and healthy environment for fish. I managed to sink the potted plants back into the tank to give us a better idea of what the finished scape might look like.

During the Easter break I will be changing the substrate as the current substrate is 7 years old! This means it may lack the nutrients required for lasting and healthy plant growth. I will also order the rest of the plants which pupils have already selected, although, after seeing how much space we have left, we will have to reduce the variety. Our lads look forward to returning to school after Easter as they will be planting all of the plants and we will be setting up a CO2 injection system!

Mr Bansal



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