Tropical Fish Club – Week 7


This week we managed to finally add some fish! The pupils had selected otocinclus catfish as one of their algae eating options in the tank and I had managed to pick up 8 of these for our tank. They were added to the tank on Tuesday and the acclimation process began straight away. The bag of fish was floated in the tank water to allow the temperatures of the water to match, and finally they were released into their new home. The light was kept off during this process to reduce stress levels.

Despite being quite small, they got to work straight away and we noticed that their belly’s were full. We also noticed that they are very elusive and like to stay at the back of the tank, hiding amongst the plants.

Pupils were also excited to be part of a virtual meeting with CO2 art this week! CO2 Art had kindly provided us with the equipment to inject carbon dioxide into our tank to boost plant growth (see week 4 article).

We caught up with John Mitchell and JP and updated them on how the project was going. They shared their fishkeeping experiences and gave plenty of useful advice. As well as asking questions regarding the hobby, pupils were keen to find out about operating a business, especially one which involves a hobby/passion.

JP and John were very thorough with their responses and gave pupils as much insight as they could in the time given. We value the shared experience and insight into fishkeeping/entrepreneurship. I think this is one of the truly great links tropical fish club has allowed us to build – one with passionate businesses and we look forward to learning more from their insights!

Mr Bansal


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