Covid-19 Recovery Plan

Covid-19 Recovery Plan, September 2020: support for students and parents


Dear Students,

As your teachers, we know that the lockdown and closure of school for the majority of you since the end of March has been a disconcerting and worrying time, full not only of concerns about your family and loved ones, but also questions about your school work, distance learning in general, and what all this will mean for your education, exams and grades next year.

These pages on the website are to help support you academically through this time, and to provide you with information and resources that will help you to get on track and make the most of your lessons when they start again in September.

Talking of the new school year, each subject will begin with an exam.  These will last no longer than an hour in each subject.

Click on the links to the specific subject areas below to access a summary of the topics to be assessed in the September exams and for resources to help you prepare for them.

There are also resources from the academic support clinics for year 10 which took place in English and maths, and the year 12 subject support clinics, if you were not able to attend them.

Please return to this page from time to time as we will post updates.

Please also see the FAQ section

Subject Areas:


Business Studies & Economics

Computer Science

Design & Technology






Modern Foreign Languages


Physical Education


Religious Studies


Key study tools for all subjects

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Parent Home Learning Toolkit

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  1. Will public exams be going ahead in 2021 in the same way as 2019 or will there be changes to content/ exams to take into account the time missed away from school due to lockdown?
    OFQUAL have launched a consultation process which finishes at the end of July. As soon as we are in receipt of new up-to-date information, we will post it here. For the time being, assume that exams will take place in the usual way and at the usual time next summer.
  2. What are the adaptations to free up teaching time?
    OFQUAL have proposed adaptations in a number of subjects to give teachers more time to cover the full content and help relieve the pressure on students. For example, removing the requirement to record the spoken language assessment in GCSE English language; allowing GCSE students to observe (rather than undertake) practical science work; and assessing art and design students on their portfolio alone. OFQUAL are discussing with subject associations how they might be able to support teachers in making these modifications.
  3. What are the adaptations to allow for future public health safeguards?
    OFQUAL have identified those subjects which they believe could be particularly affected if public health safeguards were needed in the next academic year, and suggested how these might be addressed. This includes changes to performance rules in dance and drama, and permitting design and technology students to watch teachers demonstrate the use of machinery, rather than to use the machinery themselves.