b'CAROLEAN COHORTPosh and prettyI ju t think that Queen Elizabeth II wa i s much useless. Alla better ruler than King Charles III wll My views on the monarchy and the coronationthey do is bring insare that it is simply a waste of time and, moretourists. Mujtababe. Daniel Hydzikimportantly, money. Just imagine what the millions of well, hard-earned pounds that go straight intoKhanthe monarchys pockets through tax could do to help those in need. Moreover, these events that end up costing millions of pounds like the coronation, The Royal Family just to put a crown on somebodys head. Im not do lots of work for saying dont respect the history and tradition of the charity but I think royal family but frankly, I think it is outdated and a that the iCoronation was a bt of a wasteIt is a very joyous time and it gives families horrendous waste of money. Stanley Toddof money.and friends time to celebrate.Mussa YusefAyaan AhmedIt was expensive because there were far too many golden, shiny and luxury objects, some of them werent needed at all.Elil SureshkumaI believe that the coronation was expensive because they had to do I am very honoured to have personally long rituals and use luxury items. witnessed my very first coronation. Alexander Boutros MagayaSukhraj Singh A joyful moment for most of the They could people in the country. Though just have skippedour country is mostly run by the to the crowning!government, which means that Jerren monarchy has almost no power. King Okyere-Darko Charles cannot majorly impact our lives. Arhan SableyI have mixed feelings about the monarchy and I feel that they are still living in the old days. They need a King Charles coronation is a momentous younger face in order to change the occasion, one that will definitely go down world. Sukhmandeep Sangherain history. Vincent Quinna He did spend over 450 million of t xpayers money on the coronation, cri a i nd considering the cost of living ss, maybe he should have spent aA new era for Britain.bit less. Eesa Sethi It would beMuhammad Abdulbaribetter if we just had a president! Pavithiran 10 Chandramohan'