b'Naryan Virdee Bikramjit Singh Anoop LegahThursday morning Thursday afternoon Thursday evening/nightWe walked from the train station to aWe walked through large grasslands inUnfortunately we took the wrong footpath small area near two vans where we werepursuit of the next checkpoints, which wereand got stung by a lot of nettles. We given two tents for all six of us to carry;often a muddy walk away. Firstly, we walkedcontinued walkingon the right footpath! from there, we made our way down aacross a corn plantation, where we got our and reached the Lickey Hills Visitor small incline. At the bottom, we foundshoes muddied up and some of us tripped,Centre which was our next checkpoint. ourselves at a small village where webut despite that we carried on. Then, asThere was only a mile left and we met continued walking, finding where wea team, we moved on to a rather obscureup with Ms Morgan and Ms Fisher who were on the map and identifying our nextpath, going through a huge forest. Soonencouraged us to move on. We were the destination. We did get lost a few times,after, we reached the checkpoint and tooksecond to last group to arrive and we but managed to sort ourselves out anda drinks refill, as well as having a rest to getstarted putting up our tents and stoves. get back on track. We made our way toourselves adequately prepared for the walkWe ate the food that our team member a couple of checkpoints in the morning,ahead. We shared snacks as well as stories,Naryan had made for all of us. Ms Fisher and we walked a long way. It was aroundin an ambient atmosphere full of naturalwas very impressed with Naryans cooking seven miles in the morning and a lot morebeauty. After that, we walked through someskills! After that we cleaned up and rested throughout the rest of the day! more farms, unknowingly trespassing (!), butbefore we went into our tents at 9:30. despite that as well as a few more muddySome of the others were messing about paths, we made it to the next plantation,until Mr Jones said in a very commanding where we were again greeted by the DofEauthoritarian voice that if we continued staff. They refilled our water supplies, andhe would call our parents and they would gave us guidance routes and team work.have to pick us up at 10:00 at night. That The next stretch felt the longest, with usshut us all up! We all went to bed at 10:30 walking to the Lickey Hills, taking a long a well-needed rest after a long walk.time to conquer the steep hill. However, from that checkpoint things felt like a breeze, as we enjoyed ourselves walking on a downwards slope to the camp! The final hurdle was actually finding the campsite amidst the dozens of houses, but with the teachers guidance we got there, and prepared for the night ahead.24'