b'FIRST LOVESMR DUBAYMy first love was an animationspecifically an animation named Zia from the 1980s cult classic, The Mysterious Cities of Gold. When I first asked my wife out (and MY FIRST LOVE. suffered a series of rejectionsand yes, perseverance can help!), .was actually my favourite football team, Boltonshe was wearing a yellow Wanderers. I used to love going to watch their gamesheadband like the one the from being very young and became a devotedcharacter wears. Love supporter. Being a football fan for your local team is aat first sight!true passionnot just supporting the top, successful clubs. All football fans experience the joy and despair of their clubs fortunes and I was no exception. I loved going to their games at the old Burnden Park ground, and l have great memories of watching the team.Mr Conway Dellow felegates, My first loveIt was May 1999. The winds of change were in the air. They also carried the strains of a familiar tune. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace is the first film I can remember seeing. It has since started a love affair with a galaxy far, far away that has lasted much questionable writing, a buyout from the house of mouse and some very questionable sequels.I can still remember the thrill I had walking through Showcase Cinema clutching a vivid green light sabre (not movie quality) ready to enter a world of gunslinging bounty hunters, awe-inspiring Jedi and much questionable DR BIRD CGI. On a side note, I fervently believe that if the Showcase Cinema near Castle Vale was My first love was Louise Brown. We werestill operating, our recent national ills would not no more than six years old and athave happened.primary school together in Surrey. ItThe film was mesmerising, so mesmerising that was short-lived as my father wasI have it on good authority I spent large parts posted to Germany and wetrying to marmalise my dad with my light sabre.moved house. We never saw each other again! May the force be with youMr HarveyTEENAGE DREAMSIm never gonna 1984. Not a great time to be a teenager. 15-year-old me was troubled by the political landscape at home and abroad: the ever more vicious miners strike anddance again the government response, the increase in IRA terrorism which resulted in the Brighton bombing, and the Los Angeles Olympics boycotted by the Russians in aGuilty feet have got last gasp of the Cold War. Surely Armageddon was just waiting in the wingsAnd yet. If I think now about 1984, all I can see, outlined in a golden corona of light,no rhythmis George Michael singing Careless Whisper on Top of the Pops, an antidote to theFirst loves really do lastprosaic and the humdrum of homework and exams; his hair, coiffed to within an inch ofa lifetimeits life, screaming because Im worth it, and the white shirt glowing through the misty dry ice of the TV studio. A modern-day Heathcliff, beset by treachery and treason, regretting his poor decisions and two-timing ways. Absolute heaven. And much nicer hair than Arthur Scargill. Mrs Harvey 60'