b'CHANGE MAN VERSUS MACHINEFive years ago, the mathematician Hannah Fry saidand Im paraphrasingthat worrying about AI was a little like worrying about overcrowding on Mars. Elon Musk on the other hand sees it as a risk to the existence of human civilisation. So is AI a sinister threat or will it be our saviour? Should we be embracing this new future or seeing it as a threat to civilisation as we know it? Should we be worrying about being replaced by robots as we watch our jobs being eliminated or be grateful that they will be making our lives a little easier? We asked the staff at HGS for their thoughts.The optimism around how AI could revolutioniseinto creating infrastructure so that micro-trades everything from uses in schools to businesscould be done a few milliseconds quicker, which reminds me of the same inclinations people hadgoes to show the value in doing so; but at these about the power of computing whenspeeds no one actually knew what was being bankers started using ever- done. In fact, the behemoth that is the global increasing mathematicaleconomy is a black box of sorts. This is the models to make moneypoint about AI, because what has happened on the stock market.in finance is the 7-sigma (thats for you A-level Overall, it was amathematicians) events such as the 2008 crisis. complete successIf we truly let go of the driving wheel, even if the for those whosystem works 99.9999% of the time, the very rare adopted it. Sotime it doesnt behave we could be in big trouble. much so thatThe mathematician therefore needs to ask: is it banks startedworth it?investing billionsMr G. DhillowThe clue is in the first word, folks: artificial. Although very clever, very sophisticated,What are my very powerful, it isnt truethoughts on AI sentience. It may be able to write poetry, tell a story, orin music? write an analytical essay, but these functions are the resultusic has a rich history of complex algorithms usingof being able to reflect extant data. They are not goingthe philosophical and to generate new interpretations ortechnological changes of its new ways of expressing emotionstime. This will be no different. because the software isntDJ David Guetta has said conscious. Only when a machinethe future of music is in AI. I achieves true sentience (prove that, ifdisagree. The future of music you can) then I will be impressed/scared/out of a job. And if itwill not be solely based on AI is spontaneous cognition, it isnt artificial, is it? It is a person. but it will be really interesting Thats not to say it wont be useful and revolutionary. To modelto see what it can do. AI or exemplify a process for writing, it is fine and another tool inis only as creative as the the teacher toolkit. But frankly, lets not waste the processingcreativity it has processed power and consequent impact on the planetary climate byand I dont think it will be trying to write the code that deals with a truculent (yes,able to develop new styles you, Ridhwaan!) Year 10 class on a Friday afternoonand completely new sounds learning about Tissue. That takes something all-too this will be for humans to real, not artificial. do.Mr Duck Mr Ward62'