b'Mr HarveyI thought writing about my crowning moment would be easyeasy like Sunday morning. Smooth and simple, like tea and toast and cricket in the summer. However, every time Ms Brown asked me to write this, the page was blank. To help me water my barren page I considered the coronation. As I watched the Imperial State Crown nestle onto the Kings head with an expensive plop, he didnt seem too CROWNING happy, instead looking like he was going for stoic significance. Therefore, I dont think my crowning moment is my happiest moment or my proudest moment; instead it was a moment I was awed MOMENTS with overwhelming responsibility. That means my crowning moment can only be one point in timewatching the Lord of the Rings extended edition films in Blu-ray on a crisp HD screen.Mrs Harvey Dr BirdI definitely think Im still waiting for mine. Admitting youve had one is like admitting youve reached your peak. And really, the only way is up. The wise words of Mr Fennyman offer comfort: The natural condition is one of insurmountable obstacles on the road to imminent disaster. Strangely enough, it all turns out well.Heres hoping.My wedding day Annabelle as a baby Harry as a baby Mr ConwayIn 1985, when I was a student, I was selected to represent my country at the World Student Games in Kobe, Japan. I was selected as part of the Great Britain student football team, from all of the students at all of the universities and colleges in the whole of Great Britain.It was a wonderful experience and, as a young man, it gave me the chance to play football against countries like South Korea,welcome us to their country and the slogan North Korea, the USA, Mexico and Kuwait. Mr Sangar I have never forgotten the joy of being partof the games was The Youth of the World of what were the biggest multi-event gamesfor a World of Peace.Two Maths teachers from the Kingto have been held in Japan since the 1964It was a fantastic experience and my first Edwards Academy Trust ran theOlympic Games. experience of playing international sport on Birmingham Half Marathon onWe were in Japan in August 1985, whicha different continent.7 May. This was their crowningwas the fortieth anniversary of the droppingThe photo shows the Great Britain team moment as a husband and wife duoof the atomic bombs on Hiroshima andbefore our game against Mexico. I am who had never run together before.Nagasaki. The whole country was keen toseated on the front row, far left.A huge thank you for the support provided by Handsworth Grammar School towards Mr & Mrs Sangars fundraising efforts for Acorns Childrens Hospice. Mr Bird Best sporting achievement: reaching the semi-finals of the over 35s national racketball championships a few years ago.9'