b'2023BYE BYE MR DUBAYIt is so hard to leave until you leaveJohn Green What prompted you to become into amazing individuals wholla teacher?be a real force for good. As the I, like many of those in the profession, choseMandalorians would say, This is teaching in order to make a difference.the way.Whatever that difference was/is, I Funniest teaching moment couldnt tell you. Nevertheless, my sources of inspiration were two teachersMrsFor those of you familiar with John Mountford and Mrs Turnerwho invested anSteinbecks novella Of Mice and Which character would you beenergy in me that was infectious. The passionMen, there is a moment where the ironically and why? they had for English Literature, couplednamed Lennie Smalla character who has with their joy of teaching, is something theycognitive issuesis petting a dead mouse.Umm hard question. Id love to have the passed on to me and it is something I hope IllNow imagine teaching a group of thirty butcherudition of Sherlock Holmesbut his path to pass on to the students I encounter both nowYear 11 students, screaming in unison, asgetting into the zone is one I wouldnt want and in the future. a teeny tiny mouse scuttles across the floorto go down. In the past, Id have chosen of Room 1 yes, that happened to meAtticus Finch, but my wife (and Ms Brown)Apart from Ms Brown, who/what and yes, whilst teaching that section of thetell me Im too messy, and we all know thatwill you miss the most?novella. Now youll perhaps understand why IAtticus is known for having organised mess,This is an easy questionthe Englishdecided to relocate to Room 2. something which I ought to avoid. One Department. Its been my greatest joy (andcharacter, who inspires me time and time stress!) to lead a team of erudite, passionate Favourite book/writer?again, is Nehemiah. His grit, determination and inspirational individuals, whoin spiteThere are far too many to mention but here isand ability to inspire othersin spite of the of being taken for grantedoffer all for thea taste. As a child, the Alfie books by Shirleyopposition he faced, including his own people sake of their students. Speaking of students,Hughes, the Thomas the Tank Engine series is something I covet. Nehemiah it is!they are, for me, a source of strength andby Reverend Wilbert Awdry, and I am David Advice to your younger self vitality (although they can sometimes beby Anne Holmes fostered within me a love a little annoying and occasionally smellfor stories, reading and words! GrowingId have told myself to listen to the advice of offensive). They certainly keep me on myup, my Holy Trinity of books include J. D.those people who were willing to risk their toes! In my decade at HGS, Ive been invitedSalingers The Catcher in the Rye, Vikramfriendship to tell me what I needed to hear. I to (and attended) a former pupils wedding,Seths The Golden Gate and Harper Lees Tolearnt the hard way that yes people arent witnessed a student championing the rightsKill a Mockingbird. My more contemporaryalways the ones who want the best for you. of those who are the most vulnerable in ourinterests include Lyudmila Ulitskayas The BigCritically kind voices are worth listening to! world through his work in the United Nations,Green Tent, The Stationery Shop of TehranSurround yourself with those voices.and read the writing of a now accomplishedby Marjan Kamali, and my favourite authorauthor who overcame issues with anxiety,right nowis Elif Shafak; if you havent read Motto doubt and fear. Stinky smells aside, it is hardShafaks The Bastard of Istanbul, The IslandC. S. Lewis once said that, Obediencenot to draw strength from such stories. Finally,of Missing Trees or (my personal favourite) 10is the key that opens every door10(1)I am sorry Im deserting you. I have noMinutes 38 Seconds in This Strange World, he was right!doubt, however, that you are going to growyoure missing out.MR AHMED OUT OF OFFICEBefore we say our final goodbyes to Mr Ahmed, he had a few things to share with The Bridge. What prompted you to become a teacher? Life after HGS? Teaching was something I wanted to do to give back. I feel teachersI am leaving teaching and entering the have a role in society that is far greater than teachers realise andexciting world of accounting, tax it was this desire to help people that prompted me to become aand exams. It will be challenging, teacher. but I look forward to taking the next steps in my career. Who/what will you miss the most? I will miss the Computer Science department for sure, a great team Advice to yourof people to work with; and other staff members who have made my younger self? time at HGS enjoyable. Of course the interactions with the studentsLearn a skill that will have you and the moment a topic you teach finally clicks, that is rewarding. in high demand and dont be bound by the limitations orFunniest teaching moment?expectations society sets.Tough one, there have been quite a few. I dont think I could pick Motto? one out in particular. But Ive had a few very funny classes, namely 8N and a previous years Year 11 Computer Science class I taughtNever settle in aduring my PGCE and first year as an ECT. comfort zone.54'