b'THE WHITEMOORLAKES EXPERIENCEAs someone who has never gone on aThe schedule for day two was full of some school trip that lasted more than a day,very scary activitiesGladiator, Canoeing, I was really stressed about going on aZipwire and the Challenge Course. My residential, especially as I had no creditmain worries were the high activities, on my phone! I had nothing to worryZipwire and Gladiator. Most of the people about it was phenomenal! We did soin my group werent really scared, and I many activities, learning many new things,tried not to act scared; but, in reality, I was doing things we had never done before,really worried. I told my good friends about overcoming our fears, and much more. my worries and they gave me some very On arrival we were taken on a tour allhelpful tips and words of encouragement. around Whitemoor Lakes, which was a lotIn the end, as shocking as it might sound, bigger than I thought it would be, beforeI was able to do all the activities. What embarking on our first activityArcherymight surprise you more is that I even didwhich was a fun experience; and thenthe Zipwire three times. Yes, three times! I we moved on to Abseiling. At first, I wasreally had conquered my fear of heights! I horrified because I am terrified of heights.truly felt like I was unstoppable.My friends gave me some great words ofThe last day! I was extremely upset since I motivation and I actually went for it! I foundwas loving it at Whitemoor Lakeshaving myself at the edge of the wall, secondsfun in my friends dorms, doing activities I away from abseiling down. I was scaredhad never done before, and conquering my for my life. Mr Dubay gave me some wordsfears. Today my group had Kayaking and of encouragement which made me do it.Team Games. I loved Kayaking since we When I got halfway, I had so much couragegot to jump in the water and even though I and I was extremely proud of myself anddo not know how to swim I still went for it knew that this would be an occasion thatand it was great. Team Games were quite I would remember for the rest of my life.fun since some teachers participated and it This goes to show how helpful the trip towas funny seeing them take part.Whitemoor Lakes has been as it prettyAnd there it is. Ta-da! Whitemoor Lakes is much helped me conquer my fear ofover and how amazing it was!heights. That evening we had a campfire and I loved it! We sang songs and did lotsAshfak Nasif, 7Wof fun activities. A great first day!29'