b'A ROUND OF A PAWSCongratulations and a huge round of a paws to House Alfreds Guide Dog Comet! He has passed his Dog Levels and is now a qualified guide dog! Last year over 100,000 people in the UK were told they were losing their sight and dogs like Comet offer both practical and emotional support. His partner, James, calls him his star with a tail. We will find out more about their journey together in our final pupdate later in the year. Congratulations also go to House Alfred for raising enough money for the Guide Dogs Association to be given the honour of naming a guide dog. We have named our puppy Alfie and we will be following his progress from birth to fully grown guide dog. TRUSSELL TRUST Ms Brown FOODBANK CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATIONBirth certificatePuppy name:AlfieHandsworth Named by:GrammarSchoolForBoysBorn:10/03/23 Gender: MaleColour: YellowBreed:LabradorMum:Pippa,Reeseand Dad: CooperLottieSiblings: Hicks,TawneyThank you for being part of my story.The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity in England and Wales (209617) and Scotland (SC038979) NAPBirthcert/0921SPONSORED WALKIn September the whole of Year 7 did their annualThe sponsored walk was a fun and safe way of looking sponsored walk. We walked one lap aroundat the local area of Handsworth. It also helped us Handsworth Park and when we had finished we wereinteract with our teachers and our House and Deputy all tired.I enjoyed the sponsored walk because I knewHouse Captains.that we were raising money for a good cause. Overall, itIt made me feel really good about myself, as the money was a great experience and we all enjoyed it a lot. raised for this fun activity is all going to charity. It was Benjamin Maia Nunes (7G) also nice for us to go for a walk during the day as this keeps your mental well-being positive.CHARITY INSome of us greeted the locals in the park and it made their day! Overall, the sponsored walk was a great thing NUMBERS: to do!Pav Chandramohan (7H)Birmingham ChildrensHospital 4,400The British Red Cross 1,550St Marys Church 600Children in Need 1,200MARCH 2023Year Group: 9G Macmillan 400LAMDA Exam: Solo ActingSaint Vincent de PaulGrade 3Award: Merit Society 1,000DEC Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal 2,230Red Nose Day 1,000Stand Up to Cancer 30047'