b'Lets take on the6th FORM LEGACYCHALLENGE OF HOMELESSNESSWe are Project Rescue and we have decided to tackle the ongoing problem of homelessness as it has been rising rapidly within the West Midlands, especially in Handsworth, increasing by 11.5% in 2021. Recently, the issue of homelessness has been exacerbated by the cost-of-living crisis that struck the UK in the last quarter of 2022 and, as a community, we must strive to minimise this heightening problem.The core foundations of Team RESCUE are:Our acronym is designed to R REVIVE. reflect the hidden and underlyingWe want to revive our community and allow everyone to prosper. problems of visible and invisible homelessness. Its not just about E the year we organised a bake saleENDEAVOUR. words but action, so at the start of Aiming to encourage the homeless to never give up.SURVIVE.which raised 500 and allowed S us to spread awareness of our Those on the streets are struggling to survive daily.project and of the growing need for funding in order to reduce this C COMMUNITY.underlying problem. We raised an Help each other in difficult times and build upon these hard times to become a better community. additional 300to fund extra U care packages for the homelessUNITY. through a presentation to Dr Bird Work together as a community to create a large impact on mitigating homelessness. in which we outlined our aims and objectives. We also raised 70with a sweet-jar guessing game. E ESCAPE. A good time was had by all!Lend a helping hand to the homeless, encouraging them to take the first step in improving their life.SO WHATS NEXT?We are volunteering at Tabor House,but it also allows us to gain deeperfoil blankets, toiletries, toothbrushes a homeless shelter that offers safetyinsights into the challenges faced byand toothpaste, and water; we aim and support to people experiencingthe homeless. We also launched ato address the immediate needs of homelessness and supports peopleclothing donation drive in our schoolthose in challenging circumstances. A to move away from the streets. Byto support our causeour school hashandwritten note from our enthusiastic committing our time and energy, fora strong tradition of charitable worksYear 7 students will be placed in example by teaching English to theand we are honoured to be able toeach package as a reminder that the residents or talking to them about theircontinue this tradition. recipients are not forgotten. Through issues, we have the power to lift spiritsthis initiative, we demonstrate our and provide a sense of hope. We areFinally we are planning to assemblecommitment to mitigate homelessness certain our involvement will make aand distribute care packages to servein Birmingham by addressing the substantial difference. Volunteeringas a lifeline for individuals who are inissues directly and we will hopefully is not only a chance to give back,need of hygiene essentials such asinspire others to do the same.48'