b'ENRICHMENT ENRICHMENT DAYS ROUND-UPEnrichment days are an integral part of the wider curriculum at HGS. Every half-term we collapse the school timetable to provide our students with the chance to take part in different activities and learning opportunities which enhance and embellish their school experience.Enterprise EducationCareers Education Dreams and GoalsCyber Security Awareness House Sport House DebatingMental Health and Well-being AwarenessCSI Science day WORK EXPERIENCE Life SkillsBright FuturesPrecious LivesHealthy Lifestyles and Relationships Weston-super-Mare TripTeam Building SOCIAL MEDIA AWARENESSTwycross Zoo Trip Drayton Manor Trip BBC ApprenticeshipsDesigning an App Puzzle Solving NHS Medical ResearchHEALTHY MINDSWe all have mental health, just as we all have physicalAs a Mental Health health. Being mentally healthy means that we feel goodAmbassador, we have two about ourselves, make and keep positive relationshipsmain responsibilities: shadow with others and can feel and manage the full range ofmentoring and games club. emotions. These can range from happiness, excitementSome of us also do one-and curiosity through to less comfortable feelings suchto-one mentoring, which is as anger, fear or sadness. Good mental health allows uscarried out by an external to cope with lifes ups and downs, to feel in control oforganisation called Think for our lives and to ask for help from others when we needthe Future. It is structured support. so that each period a At HGS we place a high importance on student and staffgroup of students from a particular mental health and well-being, and we have a team ofyear group sits and takes part in a lesson where they sixth-form Mental Health Ambassadors who work with ourare taught valuable life skills, with us MHAs there to help students to support them on a daily basis. They are easilyout, particularly with discussions. These sessions are identified by the green braids on their blazers. Humzahalways interesting and fun since the students are in a Ghangro and Sami Zahid write about their recent workrelaxed environment where they can join in and have a below: laugh at the same time. The person who actually carries out the sessions, Ezekiel, is also very friendly and good at Meet the Mental Health Ambassadors delivering the sessions in an engaging way.At HGS, we recognise the significance of addressingUnlike shadowing, games club is more independent. Two mental health concerns among young men and providingMHAs will sit with a group of children and play board them with the support they need. Young men often facegames with them. It is a safe space for the kids who want unique challenges when it comes to discussing theirto escape the noise found outside. Quite possibly the best emotions and seeking help, which can have a lastingproject given to us MHAs is the one-to-one sessions Mrs impact on their well-being. Saleem has some of us do. As one of the few who did To bridge this gap and create a safe and nurturingthis I can say that it doesnt only benefit the Year 7s we environment, our team of dedicated Mental Healthmentor but also us. It allows us to become more sensitive Ambassadors is working tirelessly. Through variousand to understand issues facing younger students and we initiatives such as shadow mentoring, games clubs, andare able to offer useful advice. Our job as Mental Health one-to-one sessions, we strive to offer a listening ear,Ambassadors is to help younger students, and all three of guidance, and a sense of belonging to young men inthese responsibilities certainly help us to do that. This role need. By actively promoting open conversations andis so fulfilling and interesting, and I am very grateful to be breaking down stigmas, we aim to ensure that everypart of something so important.young man at HGS feels supported and empowered toBy providing a safe space for open discussions and prioritise their mental well-being. offering guidance through various initiatives, we are Join us as we explore the invaluable role playedbreaking down barriers and encouraging young men to by our Mental Health Ambassadors in fostering aprioritise their well-being. As Dwayne The Rock Johnson positive and inclusive culture for young mens mentalonce said, Its okay not to be okay; its okay to ask for health. help. Through our work, we aspire to empower young men to embrace vulnerability, seek support, and develop Humzah the resilience needed to navigate lifes challenges.Sami44'