b'BRIDGE TRUSTBRIDGE TRUSTSOCIETY REPORT 2022In 1934 four wealthy local gentlemen purchased ato provide quality football and cricket pitches for piece of ground in Romilly Avenue on behalf of theyounger members to play on.Old Boys of Handsworth Grammar School, for use as a sports ground. A smaller portion of land wasThe Society had to make the decision to close in added in 1937 which later served as a car park andits present form and as a result the Trust decided on which our Clubhouse was constructed. to sell the land and buildings. It was hoped that someone would take it on in its present form, but The ownership of the land was put into a Trust andthis was not to be. Eventually Network Rail made the Old Boys Society was asked to manage thatan offer which was accepted and as this goes to land and eventually several buildings which werepress negotiations for sale are proceeding and the added later. Over recent years, Society membershipsite will close in September. It is expected the land has fallen, to the point where the Society cannot runwill be rewilded.effectively. It also cannot provide volunteersPhilip SwannSwimming Club Report 2021/222021 opened with the country in Covid lockdownnominally as Div 2. There were five teams in our and all swimming pools closed. This remained thesection, but many cancellations and postponements case until Handsworth Leisure Centre reopenedoccurred and we were unable to complete all our its doors to the Club on 7 May. Severe restrictionsmatches.applied to numbers on the side, in the water, anThe A Team and U18 Leagues were then scheduled absence of changing rooms and indeed the type ofto play during the winter, a significant change for activities that could be undertaken. This left us inthe seniors, starting in October. The U18 team was the position of allowing only U18 water polo playersentered in the Junior League, with a strange mix of to train, and only in the Large Pool. The situationages, many very young. With the B Team having no changed on 21 May when we were able to allow theplayers, the Club was left with one Senior Team, who Senior members to join training sessions. entered in a five Team Div 2 playing its first match on Teaching in the Small Pool could not start until22 October 2021.September but was quickly into its stride, gainingA further bombshell was then dropped upon us on new children in addition to previous regulars. Our2 November 2021, when the Leisure Centre told pre-Covid teaching of higher standard children inus that the Large Pool roof was in such a bad state the Large Pool also developed quickly and the Clubof repair that the pool had to be closed. All active began to feel as though it was really moving forward. operations of the Club ceased. Although the Small Not only was the Club in disarray, but the PoloPool was still open, logistically we could not operate.Leagues plans had to be drastically changed,Richard Brough scoured the city to find us an often at a moments notice, by the Covid situation.alternative location, finally securing a slot at The plan was to start a competition for U16 teamsWoodcock St starting on 24 November. This was quickly, and this duly happened in June 2021. Wea Wednesday, from 8.30pm till 10.00pm: a most managed to play nine games in Div 2; with a veryunsatisfactory position, but the only one we could depleted squad, all were lost. The A Team thenobtain, and vital to maintaining the Clubs operation. started a series of organised friendly matches,Numbers attending the new site collapsed, with only a few stalwarts turning up, maximum a dozen.The A Team was now our only representative team, continuing to compete in League Div 2, as mentioned above. Their League was completed in 2022 with some welcome success when they beat Camp Hill in the final game, to be crowned Champions of Div 2 for the year 2021 and promotion to Div 1. This was the Clubs best ever result. The A Team also entered the Warwickshire League, played between January and March 2022 coming fourth out of six. When the Senior Mens League reopened in May 2022, we struggled against much higher quality opposition in Div 1, finishing sixth out of seven.Midland League Division 2 Champions 2021 The Club is still operating at Woodcock St and from A. Brough, K. Gower, S. Ginder, C. Greenhill, Team22 April 2022 we managed to move back to a Friday, Mgr. R. Brough (not shown) 8.30pm till 10.00pm. Even better, we moved back J. Edwards, D. Hannah-Bevins, A. Quigley, J.to a 7.00pm start on Friday 11 November 2022, Culloo, A. Chesworth Rickards, H. Randhawa, P.finishing at 9.00pm.Gill D. Moore Capt. Philip Swann42'