b'Salad Daysleavers assembly was the last opportunity to recollect our time here: speeches, performances, goodbyes, Haec olim meminisse iuvabit tears, and even some surprisesfrom staff and students alike. Our yearbook gives us a physical memory of manyOne day, we will look back on invaluable moments that we will cherish in the future. With the upcoming Sixth Form Prom to celebrate the this and smile completion of our exams, we end our journey at HGS on a very high note: being able to look on all the good times Wow, I really cant believe that two years has flown byalongside the family we grew up with.like that. At the beginning of the Sixth Form, I was aSo what does this mean to me? As Head Prefect, it student who had missed out on much of Year 10 andwasnt only just administrating school activities, or Year 11 (due to the pandemic), and now Im leaving Year 13 as the Head Prefect. And what a journey it has been. planning clubs, or delivering talks; there was also a very personal side to being at the forefront of the school. It has been a true privilege to be the leading image ofTo be able to represent the interests of each and every the student body. Having the opportunity to interactstudent. To embody the feelings of each individual who daily with all the students has simply been a pleasure.brought something different to the table. To be a part of Whether it be offering some early tips and tricks to Yeara community I can call family. I am fortunate to say that 7, or discussing the benefits of different programmingthis wasnt a sentiment limited only inside the Sixth Form languages with Year 9, or planning our next steps for thecentre, but was something transferable across the entire future with everyone in the Sixth Form centre, it has beenschool. I would like to say that I have inspired other really great being able to interact and talk to everyone,pupils to work hard and achieve their best. To have had entangling with their lives and supporting their goals! Ofa positive impact on their day. I can only judge by their course, it wasnt always like thisbut by working withinpleasant greetings or warm smiles that this is something our school community, post Covid era, weve reallyI accomplished as Head Prefect. I believe I fulfilled my warmed up the school environment. Now, school is asduty.lively as ever, but it hasnt been easy! While myself and my peers move on, we hope that we There is no way I could have done this aloneso I givehave left our positive mark in some shape or form. Of my utmost thanks to the Prefect team and the Mentalcourse, there is the academic aspect of it all, and I hope Health Ambassadors: the core parts of the student bodymany intervention sessions or subject-related clubs or that helped revitalise the school spirit throughout the lastactivities can extend and expand over the years, but years.As a team, we initially began with our training,also the enthusiasm of student involvement that should undergoing team exercises, and getting to know onecontinue growing, such as the current LEGACY Teams another more personally, including our strengths andrunning their own projects, or the successes found in our weaknesses, allowing us to collaborate effectively forbudding sports teams. When students work together on the journey ahead. As such, we conducted all sorts ofsomething they are passionate about, great things can sessions and events together: after-school clubs, charitybe achieved.drives, bake sales, inter-house competitions, and the firstMy advice would be: get involveddo what makes you, Culture Day in an awfully long timeincluding the liveyou! There are so many ways to get involved at HGS. concert, of course! Most importantly, we enjoyed doingDont be afraid to play to your strengths and do what this, and we shared these smiles across each day. it is you enjoy. If you think you are Our joy of being a part of the school body extended intogood at something, then dont formal events of the school, where we would representbe afraid to take the first the school community to visitors and prospectivestep in trying. You will students. We represented our favourite departments;only be encouraged we led tours around the school; we delivered speeches ithand supported to try to full assembly halls. I must say, it was not easy! W n,your best.each session, there was always something new to learwhich always made each activity so curious. TheseStay true to yourself, duties were new to us, but through practice, we haveand good luck on your improved our interpersonal together skills. We haveown journeys!become confident. We have become more responsible.Signing off,We have become more mature. These experiences have culminated in us developing our skills as people Krishan Patelpreparing us for the trials of life that await us outside of the school walls.The end of Sixth Form also marks the end of my seven years at HGS. It is surreal to reminisce on these last years, and through working diligently alongside the Sixth Form team, but also with our many HGS friends throughout the years, we created a final send-off. The 56'