b'GENEVA,NEW YORK, BIRMINGHAMFor one weekend only in late March,to see our students work with others toProfessors Mark Webber on the history the United Nations opened a newfind equitable solutions to the worldsof the UN and NATO and David Dunn on headquarters in the heart of the UKsproblems. HGS students held their own inthe precarious re-emergence of nuclear second city. HGS were lucky enoughthe face of formidable opposition from theweapons in our international affairs. The to send three delegationsgamelyrevanchist powers of KE Aston. Astons1st KES MUN conference was a great representing the interests of France,Russian and Iranian delegations workedexperience for our students, and I am Kenya, and the United States of Americatirelessly to thwart the progressconfident it will not be our last. who made speeches full of rousingof our delegations in the differentMr Harveydialogue and oratorical flourishes. committees, but our students were All the HGS delegates got stuck in tomore than up to the challenge.some good old-fashioned negotiating,The final events of the conference sitting around the table and hammeringwere some amazing and out the issues of the day. It was greatthought-provoking lectures from It was a truly exceptional experience, providing an opportunityThis was a truly one-of-a-kind experience.Once we had finished to meet new people, learn new things and, most importantly, finddebating, we had to reach a draft resolution to present in front of solutions to make the world a better place for all. The conference,everyone in the general assembly. Country representatives were hosted at King Edwards School, took place over two rivetingthen able to ask questions, reject, abstain, or pass the resolution. debate filled days. We began with an opening ceremony inWhilst extremely competitive, it was a wonderful experience. I which the ambassadors for each country gave a speech thenwould like to thank Mr Harvey and my fellow delegates from HGS we separated into our committees - Disarmament & Internationalwho, despite being some of the youngest there, carried their Security; Legal, Social & Humanitarian; Special Political &countries morals and ideas without trouble. It was a wonderful Decolonisation; Economic & Financial Now it was time to debate! experience; one that Ill never forget. Arjun Lyall 10A26'