b'Additionally, Mohammad Rasual and ALFRED Arjund Sond from 8A triumphed in the Year 8 House Photography competition.What makes an academic year trulyIn House Alfred, we prioritise the remarkable? As the head of Housewell-being of our students. The efforts Alfred, I am privileged to reflect on theof Ms Brown in organising the food achievements and experiences thatcollection for the food bank have been have defined this year. Throughout theexceptional. Our school community challenges and triumphs, our dedicatedrallied together, breaking records with students, teachers, and staff membersALFRED the highest amount of food donations have come together to create a yearever collected. This act of generosity filled with growth, community, and excellence. not only supports those in need but also Handsworth Grammar School prides itself onreinforces the values of compassion and empathy its mission to provide a nurturing and inclusivewithin our student and staff body.educational environment. This year, we facedAs we reflect on the challenges faced and a variety of challenges and embraced change,the successes achieved, we recognise the demonstrating our resilience and commitment toimportance of continuous improvement. This year academic and personal development. has taught us valuable lessons that will guide us Our students have consistently surpassedin our future endeavours. We are committed to expectations in their academic pursuits. Fromfostering an environment where every student has stellar performances in House competitions tothe opportunity to thrive academically, emotionally the remarkable efforts of individual students, theirand socially.achievements are a testament to their hard workHouse Alfred embodies a strong sense of and dedication. Notably, Mr B. Bansal and his 8Acommunity, and our members actively contribute form have been instrumental in Alfreds success,to various aspects of school life, fostering a warm showcasing the power of exceptional guidanceand familial atmosphere. I express my gratitude to and mentorship. all the form tutors, including the ever-entertaining Beyond the classroom, our students haveMr. Bansal, who has diligently instilled these GALAHAD excelled in various extracurricular activities.values in our students. What more could I expect They have honed their skills in sports, chess,from a former student of mine!?WINNERS OF photography and more, demonstrating theirWe anticipate a victorious end to this academic THE HOUSEversatility and commitment to personal growth.year, as we aim to secure the coveted House TROPHY 2022. The importance of extracurricular activities inTrophy. Together, we have made this academic shaping well-rounded individuals cannot beyear truly remarkable, filled with laughter, kindness .will they make this yearoverstated. In Year 7, Attaullah Afzal securedand growth. I look forward to celebrating our another Galahad win? second place in the House Spelling competition.collective achievements as we raise the House 8A made us proud by securing second place inTrophy with pride and continue to create House Chess and Athletics, and claiming firstmemories that will be shared with laughter for place in Handball.years to come. Mr BansalHOUSEREPORTSin Indoor Athletics, fifth in Football and HENRY fourth in Handball. Henry V is back!! (Well, almost.)House Enrichment activities began inUp next was the School Photography September and, despite the HouseCompetition. In Year 9 Rifat Sultan came Football being fiercely contested, Yearfourth and Nikhil Dugg came sixth; in 10 team unfortunately finished fifth. TheYear 8 Adam Cunningham came third Year 10 Handball team again struggledand Amaan Rahman came fifth; in Year a little in difficult circumstances and7 Youssef Elhawary came fifth. Well finished fifth. The Year 10 Athletics teamHENRY V done to those budding David Baileys!competed against some very goodEnrichment day in May gave Year 8 school athletes and again finishedthe opportunity to step into the sporting arena. fifth. A pattern was obviously developing here!In Indoor Athletes, Henry team came a credible Luckily our Year 7 team came to the rescue andthird, even with a few star performers out injured. grabbed first position in the House DebatingThe Year 8 Football tournament was held at the Competition. prestigious Gamesfields stadiumwith naming In December our Year 7s continued to shine. Inrights still up for grabsinjuries again preventing House Handball the Year 7s did very well andthe progression of the team and unfortunately, we finished an excellent second. In Indoor Athleticsreverted to Henry the Fifth! In the Indoor Handball they came up against some excellent toughCompetition Henry again battled against the odds opponents but also had some outstandingbut came up shortfifth again! The final piece athletes themselves and finished first this time.of news in the House Connect 4 Competition: A great effort! The Year 7 Football team reignedall pupils in Year 9 participated to produce five supremeanother first; the accolades keep rollingfinalists, Kundai Madamba finishing fourthwell in for these Year 7s! done to him.By Enrichment day three in February, Year 11 hadWith Sports day still to come, there are plenty of a chance to step up to the plate. Consistencyopportunities for Team Henry to excel; a big well was the key here and you cannot accuse the Yeardone to all those who have participated so far.11s of not being consistent. They finished fifth (!)Mr S. Campbell'