b'HOWDYPARTNER SCHOOL!around the ring on the backs YEE HA!!! of horses, before lassoing a Today we went to Brazoriabulls horns and tying its feet, County Fair. We saw manythen racing to lasso and RKO amazing things pig weighing,the bull; it was brutal, but very cowboy hat making and allentertaining!the classic things you wouldOnce that had finished, wefind at a county fairand ofwent back into the main fair to course the rodeo. After ourmake some purchases and go first of many doses of classicon some rides. After six hours Texas patriotismhonouringat the fair we needed to their troops and the country, achill before venturing out two-minute silence followed byto Torchys Tacos for a the national anthemwe thenclassic Mexican taco to watched as men got thrownend a lovely day! HIGH SCHOOLAt 6:30am, we were greeted by a great sighta classic American school bus! We were all excited to get on as it was something you see in all the American films. After a short introduction to our American friends, and an introduction to the school by the headmaster, we were free to go and take part in American school lessons. It was such an experience and worlds apart from the dynamic of a British school! They loved our accents!After a long day at school, we returned to the hotel. A quick 15 minutes to get changed and back out the door we went, to enjoy a fun evening at Main Event Entertainment; it was a much-needed break after a long day!The arcade was amazing as was the huge pizzait would feed a small family back at home.FUTURE FARMERS?Another day at school, this time participating in a Future Farmers of America class, which was flower arranging! A subject! We made Halloween-themed flowerpots, which were fun to do, even though mine did not look very good in the end as it had a melted head and deformed eyes. After this, we attended a live matinee performance of A Midsummer Nights Dream.We then took a trip to a mall, where we stocked up on gifts, souvenirs, and Prime. We also had some food in Chick-fil-A, which was my best meal of the trip and tasted even better after experiencing high-school food! Another great day!22'